The REAL reason the Florida Haunted Mansion's elevators go up


Very cool detective work by FoxxFur on the evolving facade, and I think I have to agree with commenters on that site, in that I think that they most chances always planned on having the ceilings go up because it was easier and cheaper. She brings up an interesting point about the pit flooding at Disneyland, and I think that definitely was a matter to take in mind, along with the idea that, if the upward mechanism breaks down, its easier to maintain as you are lifting a known load, and worse case scenario at World the ride could still operate with the stretching room out of order, whereas in Land if the rooms are out of order the ride has to close.

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Why do you post so much about Disney? Is the darklord about to defrost or something?


Elevator;s work because of SATAN 'S BARGAIN.

(Also, LordHumongous: ain’t been about awhile, 'ave you?)


And: Comment System? The reason it’s “too similar to what [I] recently posted” is because I’m fixing a typo. Jesus.

I’ve been attending to a siege operation in the wasteland.

Shouldn’t the headline be: The real reason the Florida Haunted Mansion Elevators don’t go up or down?

Speaking of which–spent my whole life going to Disney World but sadly not been to Disneyland (yet). The effect of the elevator here has always seemed weak, even when I was a kid–it’s pretty obvious the roof is rising/telescoping above you–no sense of motion.

Does the fact that it actually moves downward in Disneyland make it a much more believable effect there?

You know it’s a trick in Disneyland, but you’re wondering how they do it, even as a late teen.

I read through the entire article, and it wasn’t until I came back and read the comments here that I had an idea of what these ‘stretch rooms’ are.
So it’s a room you walk into, and the ceiling appears to move away from you yes? And in Disney Land that’s done by the room being an elevator that moves down, and in Disney World it’s the roofs being raised?

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