High speed train rudely interrupts motorcyclist by almost killing him

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The Blessed Sister of Exceleration was with him.


He had it made. He had it made.

Why did you stop, mister?


Lost his nerve, I guess. It looked like he would have cleared the path, even if he didn’t gun it.

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Some times you’re the window, some times you’re the bug. Some times you just get lucky.


I’m impressed by how thoroughly the train obliterated that bike. If he’d caused a derailment, that would have been a much bigger tragedy.

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I’m so glad they put that circle on the video so I knew where to look. :roll_eyes:


Isn’t Mumbia right next to Narnia?

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I don’t see any crossing gates or warning lights. Are those not a thing in Mumbai?


Wow that was a really fast train!

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On the far side it looks like there is a bar across the road as well as crossing guards. I suspect that the equivalent on the near side is out of view of the camera.

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Visual proof of reincarnation. And yet he was so close to attaining enlightenment.

So was the Malodorous Imp of Excretion, afterwards.


I was thinking the opposite. Even if going at speed, it was going to clip him. He made the right call to abort.

I nearly assisted a wheelchair person up a hill till he stopped to inspect an object other desire

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