Man pulls child from tracks seconds before a train rushes by

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I crapped my shorts for both of them, Wheeee Doggie!


Damn, it’s so hard to know how fast something is coming toward you when you are running toward it and it’s moving toward you. It’s totally a different feel than running toward a stationary object. That guy couldn’t have been certain he’d even reach the boy in time but he committed himself to it.

Also impressed he didn’t trip once on the tracks.


Not all heroes eat crêpes. What a guy!


This should be an olympic trial. Gold medal in Train Dodge!


There is no silver medal :frowning:


Ha!, they call that the sliver medal.


This could have been avoided with some simple texture changes added to the strip right beside the tracks, so the blind can tell when they’re straying too close.

Glad they’re safe and sound.


That man should never again have to pay for his self-medication of choice.


The mother veered too close to the edge of the platform

hm. Im not sure about that; actually, if you look closely it does look like that the child was dragging the mother in that direction, so I have to wonder who was the blind here…

either way, extremly close call and kudos to the guy who made the right decision in that moment.


Of course they wanted to be on the platform, and in a split second kind of decision you might not think about it too much at the time, but the other side of the tracks was just wide open the man or the child could have just stepped to the other side of the train easily rather than in a panic trying to climb the only obstacle to their safety, just saying. Glad everyones ok.

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Most UK rail platforms now have textured edges. Health & Safety for a reason!


Same thing in San Diego, a rubber strip with little bumps that you cannot mistake, even with hard soles.

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we dont know that; a train could be coming from the other side, the man could have tripped, especialy with a child in his arms, he would have to turnaround and that train is coming in fast, the child alone would be to slow for the other side to make it…no, I believe he made the only right call in that situation.


Just been reading about Derek Chauvin and his lack of humanity, then this. A man who risks his life to save a stranger. We are indeed complex creatures.


Yes. Today is a good day. Justice for George and now this heart-warmer.
Hats off to the guy who put it all on the line.

I’ve risked it to rescue a total stranger out on the water (my ‘Saving Primate Ivan’ moment) and came away with a deeper understanding of how fragile life is, how we blunder along overconfident that at every step the ground will not rise up to swallow us, or the favorable wind has turned, or the waves were way bigger than from shore. That even your plan B was a roll of the dice. Luckily we all made our saving rolls and lived to never tell the tale (because it still traumatizes me to think how close some of my decisions were to having deadly consequences - why didn’t I just grab that extra life vest? dumb)


Hearing the commentary and looking at the structure of platform and train it seems to be India - and quite definitely Mumbai within India.

This is a good thing to see!

Of course there could have been preventative measures put in place by the commenters that know better and see this video as a soulless way of asserting their ‘town planning’ credentials…

but this is a good thing to see… a person risking their life to save another life…

This is a good thing to see

What the hell was the mothers reaction!!?? crouching just out of arms length from the child?? What?

It’s a defensive move. She’s blind, the child is no longer there to guide her, and she can’t see the point where the danger begins, much less what took the child from her grasp.