Hiking across the entire Fallout 4 map with VR

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/04/16/hiking-across-the-entire-fallout-4-map-with-vr.html

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I am keeping my fingers crossed that they add PSVR2 support with the remaster :crossed_fingers:

Habie147 once again demonstrating the power of the Smooth Brain. Love this man’s videos. He genuinely can’t understand why anyone watches his VR adventures. To the point that he begs his patreons to “Stop it. Get some help.” Truly an inspiration for us older idiots.


Granted, I haven’t watched the video, but how did it take three days? Even though I’m sure walking in real life is slower than the speed you can move normally in the game, it’s not THAT big, plus it sounds like it was done in a flat hallway, so the player doesn’t have to put in any extra work to climb up steep hills. Did they do a bunch of quests on the way?

out of curiosity, i scanned the video. i think that was game days. playtime sounded to be about four or five hours. ( and he died a bunch, and fell through the world a few times. because bethesda )

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