Hilarious and sophomoric collection of crass tourist photos


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Everybody has their day in the sun, apparently.


In some ways we never grow up… and that’s a good thing.


Sometimes an obelisk is just an obelisk.


I’d be willing to bet that there is a painting of caveman in the Caves of Lascaux with a stalagmite for a penis.


There is a, perhaps apocryphal, story of a tourist in Cheyenne Wyoming, who admired the life-sized bronze of a Bison outside the Capitol building. She decided it would be funny have her friends take a photo of her licking the statue’s dangley bits. Her tongue flash froze to the statue, her friends got their photos, a few other people got their photos, and then called the fire department to get her unstuck.


Why not? There’s penis graffiti all over the Pompeii ruins.


On the inside walls of aircraft fuel tanks, too.


There’s a whole genre of pics of tourists looking like idiots “holding up” the leaning tower of Pisa…


these photos are even better than the whole “holding it up” idea in the first place. i’d love to see a photo essay researching when this idea first came up. how far back have people been doing this same joke, you know?


Most of 'em are hilarious and sophomoric, but this one kind of transcends the rest.


I can hardly wait for next years mildly amusing and Junior-grade collection of boorish tourist photos.


Hey, c’mon, let’s keep it on topic…

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