Hilarious, bawdy princess rap battles


Whitney Avalon seems like a bit of an undiscovered treasure–just spent 30 minutes going through everything in her channel. Why haven’t I heard of her before? Her voice is pretty fantastic, and the production values and writing of pretty much every video was spot on.

It’s like you always choke,
Once you make it to the balls.


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They’re OK, but no Keynes and Hayek.


That was so well done! I’m only sorry about the Disney subtext. There are plenty more interesting interpretations of Cinderella…

Wait. So they just ripped off Epic Rap Battles?


or Tesla and Edison.


Well, no, I don’t think they “just” ripped them off. They used completely original words, characters that to my knowledge never appeared in ERB, and the concept of battle raps have been going on since, what, the 80’s?

But, yeah, if you think any use of fictional/historical/celebrities in battle rap is now solely the territory of ERB, and any riff on the concept regardless of quality should be dismissed as “just” a ripoff, then… um, OK…I guess?

(Come here often, do you?)

I’m pretty sure Epic Rap Battles “ripped off” actual rappers.

Do you really think ERB created rap battles? LOLOL

You don’t know much 'bout hip hop, sir. :frowning:

Who based their styles on something else.

Everything is a derivative work.

Wow. Really? I had no idea!

(I take it you missed my use of scare quotes around “ripped off” and missed the snark?)

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Dear poster your snark

Was so softly implied

It read as ignorance

Or not – which is lies

Did this you intend

Or was a point to be made

No matter, I’m out

Cuz’ trolls live in the shade

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It’s not a proper rap battle until someone gets accused of biting rhymes.

looks around thread

Ah, good to see you all got that covered.


Was there a video of them?

“Fear the Boom and Bust” a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0nERTFo-Sk

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Yep, it’s the first of the Epic Rap Battles that I saw. It’s great, none of the others have matched it, although Hayek and Keynes is fairly great as well.

Looks like I ruffled a few feathers. I completely understand ERB did not invent the rap battle, however the formatting of the Princess Rap Battles is nearly identical to ERB. In fact, when I watched it I thought that it was the same people. It’s like they watched ERB and said, “Let’s make the exact same thing but with princesses! Same announcer, same credits, all of it!”

The content was great. I lulzed a bunch. (especially at the Galadriel vs. Leia battle) Originality, not so much.

Simple memetic theory, my friend.

When someone’s YouTube video style/format reaches a certain threshold of popularity there seems to be a moment when a critical mass of homages and copycats sort of coalesces into a formless, vague but implicitly accepted genre, completely dissociated from the original creators. This is know as viralizing the intertubes, or ‘hacking the gibson’. It is known.

Or not. I’m just amused at the angry responses.

…besides I’m only down with Chap Hop.


Where was the bawdy? I think I missed it.

Bawdiness might be a bit subjective, but I thought there were tons of lines that would qualify. The aforementioned line about choking on balls, directed at Cinderella, for instance, definitely pinged my bawdiness meter.