Jim Henson vs. Stan Lee rap battle

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Disclosure: I do work for Disney because it’s almost impossible not to work for Disney.

I dunno, I find it easy - effortless in fact.

Depends on the industry, methinks.


Way to give away the surprise guest rapper. :frowning:


Vaguely startled they never had Stan say, ‘Excelsior!’ Like a stinger to, ‘gaze upon my empire of joy!’…

Joy, Walt? G’wan, get off it. We know we’re puppets for profit /
You say up mine but I say Excelsior! yours.

Still, quite appreciated that my two childhood icons made nice with each other.

[edit - before it’s pointed out, yeah, that’s a lousy bit of meter. It was the first thing to come to mind and I don’t have the time or skill to polish it. Mostly put it there to refute an inner voice saying, ‘but what rhymes with Excelsior!’]

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That was intense! Loved the voices of Henson.

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