BB8 is Elmo


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Maybe, but R2D2 isn’t Grover…Yoda is Grover…


BB-8’s voice doesn’t want to make me strangle him though.

I really like BB-8’s voice. Sufficiently distinct from R2, who is positively venerable by the time of The Force Awakens. Seems like BB’s voice “flows” a little more than R2’s.


Yoda is Miss Piggy.

Also: BB-8 ≠ Elmo, because orange ≠ red.


These are contentious, but at least the dianoga is a no-brainer…


And this is only possible because Disney owns both. If it didn’t there’d have been a copyright lawsuit before the new film even hit the editing booth.


“Search your feelings. You know it to be true.”

My response is: “vexatious”


It seems like it’s a bit more complicated than that:

After reading this, Disney owns the Muppets, but Sesame Workshop owns their characters, and can continue to call them Muppets through a licensing agreement with Disney.

At least I think so…


BB8 wasn’t nearly annoying enough in Awakens to be Elmo. BB8 is maybe 10 millijars while Elmo is easily 800.


I don’t get it…


It’s less than twelve parsecs.


1 millijar = 1/1000 as annoying as JarJar Binks


Nope. Red is not orange.



1 millijar = 1/2000 as annoying as JarJar Binks



We don’t use Imperial units in these parts.


Millijars. I like it. It’s like kelvin, but with 1 being the absolute maximum.


Not Elmo. Worse.

That little sphere is just big enough for a disembodied head, after all.


I’m pretty keen on seeing the new Star Wars, but if there’s one thing that could stop me, it would be the word “Elmo”.


BB8 seems very similar to Randall Munroe’s “New Pet” from circa 2008/9 (not exactly sure of the date)


Eh, a robot whose ‘head’ self-balances on a ball ‘body’ isn’t that distinctive an idea, people did it before Munroe.