Hilarious doggo just can't resist, even when repeatedly told not to jump into the hot tub (video)

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Frankly, Buster makes a better case for getting in the hot tub than the lady makes for staying out. Just gonna wander back and forth, screaming like an idiot and trying to get through to the dog with complete sentences? Dog’s gettin’ wet.


Who would win: One screaming lady versus hundreds of years of genetic selection and breeding Labrador Retrievers to be water dogs.


:notes: “Does anyone know the way?
There’s got to be a way!
To block Buster!” :notes:


It looks like there’s a flash of her hand helping the dog climb over the side. Manufactured video for clicks.

2 of our dogs escaped the other day - when I came in the front door it didn’t latch when I closed it. The Good Dog stayed even with the door open.

We got called about 5 minutes later, our neighbor down the street had coralled them into his backyard.

He told us that one of our girls (a labrador too) jumped right into his pool. My wife thought this was hilarious, I was a little embarassed, we did not raise them to just make themselves at home!

Aw, just let him in, let him soothe his old bones.

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Looks like his feet are clean, so why not? Too hot for doggoes?

Now, how do we think he reacts when his humans want to give him a bath?

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“Time for your bath!”
“No. You told me not to get into a hot tub.”

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