Hilarious film re-enacts one year of sleep-talking

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/12/15/hilarious-film-re-enacts-one-y.html

Apparently not just sleep-talking, but sleep-Tourette’s.

Reminds me of Karen Slavick-Lennard, who blogs about her husband’s midnight musings on her blog, Sleep Talkin’ Man.

Or the very funny comedian, Mike Birbiglia, who sleepwalks too, often fighting his nemesis, the Jackal.

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I needed something this daft as an antidote to how life/work is going at the moment - thank you for posting it Andrea, my face hurts from grinning so much :grin:

Bad lip-reading without the lips.

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Would love to know what kind of equipment he used to record himself through all the hours of sleep. Was it voice/sound activated or did he have something running the entire 8 hours or whatever? What did he use?


He had me laughing so hard I missed everything after where the farts go!

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The “Unintelligible” part is what I mostly hear from my partner. Occasionally he has a nightmare and I have to coax him back into bed - which is annoying.

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