The "dark tales" spoken by an amazingly prolific sleep-talker


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I’d forgotten about Sleep Talking Man.

Looks like it hasn’t been updated in years…


I have some doubts.

These 5-minute monologues seem a little too composed to be real. My son sleep-talks (and I’ve been told I do,) but it’s a sentence or two, tops. Does anybody besides McGregor actually tell stories in their sleep?


I would have whole arguments with a boyfriend in his sleep. If I came to bed after him he’d bolt upright and start peppering me with questions and get very irritated with me, most times it was obvious he was asleep “who are those people” or “where did the elephant go” and usually I could get him to go back to sleep just by asking “Jay, are you sleeping?” and his eyes would flutter shut and he’s collapse back down into the bed. But sometimes he would INSIST that he was not sleeping, and I was just not answering his questions properly, so I’d have to ask him “Jay, are you dreaming?” or “Jay are you awake?” and that would do it. But he could get up, walk around, eye open, the whole bit, having very long and loud sleep-arguments with me. So I can buy it. :slight_smile:


Does anyone happen to know where I could find ONLINE TRANSCRIPTS of this, I’ve been looking all over :-/ There’s the recordings, and there’s the book, which is pretty expensive, but I was hoping to find some online transcript somewhere…


it’s been the consensus among weird record collectors for years that the Dion McGregor records are faked. I recall reading somewhere that McGregor was a pretty active sleep talker but that recording the real thing didn’t result in suitable recordings, so they were reconstructed - and perhaps embellished - while in a waking state.
But truth should never get in the way of a great legend.


"The world´s most epic sleeptalker"
Really BBC/David Robson? “Epic”?
Come on, you´re better than that.


I could have entire conversations with my ex as well. He’d sit up up, agree to do a specific task or to plans for the day, and then after I left the room he’d lie right back down blissfully ignorant of everything he’d just said. Once, before I’d realized how often he did this, I said “I’m taking a shower, keep an eye on the baby.” He sat up and said “Sure, no problem.”

I came back from the shower to find our child had climbed out of her crib and was precariously perched on the changing table, while he snored away. I never asked him again.


I have my doubts too, but I have found that some people will respond to questions, sometimes in hilarious ways, in their sleep. I had a very funny conversation with a friend who talked in his sleep. This is the only part I can remember:

Him: She was born into the world nude.
(This came out of nowhere. I have no idea who ‘she’ was.)
Me: Isn’t everyone?
Him: No. Sometimes pregnant women swallow bits of lint and yarn and the babies knit it into sweaters and Big Bird stocking caps.

I didn’t want to wake him up but it was also really hard to control myself at that point.


I know. My high school girlfriend once murmured, “That man back there looked just like John Lennon!”
“Back where?” I asked. She was sitting on a sofa with a wall behind it. She got so frustrated trying to explain, she woke up, and was angry for the rest of the day.


I don’t sleep talk, but I dream full-length movies, complete with narrative arcs and everything. Sometimes even movie stars (usually stars that are stand-ins for people I know IRL). Usually they run for about an hour, as I’m half awake in the morning, but don’t want to get up yet.

Difference being, I don’t sleep talk. Kinda wish I did, would make it easier to transcribe these dreams as a creative writing exercise.


I was recorded as a teenager at an overnight saying some weird shit, in a church no less. Semi coherent.


most of the stuff said in a church is semi-coherent


and many of the congregation are at least half asleep


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