Meet the world's most prolific sleep-talker on record

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A friend of mine not only talked in his sleep but would carry on conversations, responding in weird ways. I’d love to know whether McGregor ever did that. Here’s a bit of conversation I remember having with my friend:

Him: She was born into the world nude.
Me: Isn’t everyone?
Him: No. Sometimes pregnant women swallow bits of yarn and fluff and the babies knit it into sweaters and socks and Big Bird stocking caps.

At that point I had to leave the room and laugh. I didn’t want to wake him up.


Wow, I believe he was asleep while telling those stories, but it’s not easy (to believe, that is).

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One of the guys in our dorm would not only talk but get up and interact. He would fall asleep while we were all in his room for movies as he had a vcr once to us he woke up at the end of the film, got out of bed, ejected the tape, put it back in the case, saw us all out and had no recall of any of it.

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Good restored cover art for the LP is available at my blog:

That has got to be the most magnificent thing I have ever heard.

My mistake. I thought this was a post about Ben Carson.


I was kind of hoping to get a text version of this, but the book is quite expensive :-/

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