A portable mattress means naps everywhere


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Yeah well, that’s great for people who nap on their backs.


Naps everywhere for everyone always!

Wait,wait a minute, something, there’s something…miranda(?)


who previously made her own space program

Qualifications seem to be in order.


Every time I see one of these videos I always think I’m being trolled…


She’s the best.


As any grad student could tell you; “if you need something like this to be able to nap, you’re not tired enough”.

I’ve seen people falling asleep over formalin preserved cadavers, asleep on concrete floors, and hilariously enough, curled up on a pile of towels in a stainless steel ward cage that was supposed to house some neuro patient (the resident forbade anyone from waking her “let her catch a bit of a nap, it’s been a long week”).


ehhhh, I dunno about that. I’ve had no-sleep stints which included mild hallucinations and spontaneous crying.

I’m also the kinda guy who needs some good tossing and turning to get a night’s rest. And (I’m told) enough snoring to approximate a Jackyl concert.


Ah, so you’ve also enjoyed the grad student life!


Naps everywhere - learned that in the army 30 years ago. And yes, you can sleep standing up.


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