Sleep while standing up for just $6 at this unique Tokyo cafe

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I wish we had this where I live. If you need a nap, the ONLY option is to pay $170+ dollars for a full night in a hotel room. The idea that someone might need supplemental sleep some days after getting out of bed at home is apparently 100% alien to every aspect of our culture.


In Victorian Flop Houses, could get a Tuppeny-Hangover.


I’d like to see these in offices too. I used to work in open floor plan tech company hellscapes and napping is, of course, frowned upon because then you aren’t hard core enough about leaning in to new synergies or whatever. But like many, I’m a totally new person after a 20 min power nap in the afternoon. Better than coffee, better than a snack (for me). It’s time well spent for the company, but they don’t see it that way. At some jobs I’ve resorted to napping in my car if I can’t find an out of the way dark corner somewhere.


We now have so called “reset rooms” in the recently renovated, free seating area of the building I work in.
There’s a couch/chaise longue inside, soft lighting and muted colors, the door seems soundproof and, IIRC, has some kind of occupancy indicator and a very dark glass.

Have yet to try them, but I risk getting sound asleep and waking up looong after business hours…


The place I work is a locally-owned business that generally treats its employees well, and probably would have some sort of nap spot if there was any room for it- but there absolutely isn’t and it’s impossible to find a dark corner anywhere, let alone space to lie down. It’s part of a pedestrian mall which would be the perfect spot for a cafe like this, but I don’t see it happening. The mall used to be full of interesting and unique shops decades ago, but is now 90% clothing and camping supply retail chains for rich people. By what I’m sure is pure coincidence, the nearest free parking is a half hour walk away, so car naps aren’t even an option.

Thanks for that. From the video, it was hard for me to picture the napping posture.
Having just spent a fair amount of time traveling on train, in coach, what I most wanted for a nap was the opportunity to get horizontal, even if all scrunched up on my side. So not sure how much these nap pods would appeal to me, at my age. Maybe a decade ago.

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“…makes it comfortable to sleep while standing”.

mmm… yeah OK

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