Hip Hop Family Tree: DJ Jazzy Jeff



It is wrong that the first thing I thought of was “WELCOME TO EARF”.

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I know The Fresh Prince is cheesy, but I loved their early albums. Its almost parody wrap with “Parents Just Don’t Understand”, but the other parts of the album showed of Jazzy Jeff’s straight up skills. That Transformers scratch was amazing as kid.

Peter Piper being one of my favorite rap songs ever, this is a joy watching him live mix it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfY5s8SXcg0

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Yeah, it is. Especially since he clearly pronounces “earth” correctly.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff was also responsible for my favorite Simpsons song (not a huge category, but still):

No mention of Cash Money and Marvelous??? DJ Cash Money has also been accredited for inventing the transformer scratch. Philly DJ’s were the best at that time!

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@Ed_Piskor oh, believe me, I noticed

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Like ham to…?
But… I mean, that’s not…

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