Hip Hop Hooray


I don’t get it. Rap music is funny?

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Or just fun to listen to.

Sometimes… Such as Biz Markie

And sometimes not… Such as Public Enemy

Hip-Hop is a complex genre that incorporates a variety of styles and ideas… strange I know.

Also, why can’t I get embedding videos to work. I feel so dumb. :frowning:

Ah, the tune that had an entire nation (if not the world) giddily proclaiming their approval of discreet, short-term infidelity.

I suspect that the vast majority thought O.P.P was just some sort of super-cute, funtimes street gang… On the other hand, Clinton was elected the following year, so maybe everyone was down…

Sometimes both…
Black Sheep

A very serious song by a typically unserious (self-aware and sarcastic) group, featuring a brilliantly executed extended dishwashing metaphor that is simultaneously silly and despairing. A lot of hip hop acts from this era were capable of showing two faces, frequently at once (the balancing act between Chuck D and Flavor Flav of PE is a great example).

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i don’t think it’s you. Discourse embeds links or not seemingly at random. grrrr @sam @codinghorror

@Mindysan33 @noahdjango

There is a method to our madness, see:


To create a onebox, be sure the link is on a line all by itself

Ohcool! It works!


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i’m telling you it doesn’t always work.
anyway, this is my favorite Naughty song

ok, it worked this time, but when it fucks up on me next time i’ll @ you.

god i love Black Sheep. fucking LASM, dude.

The other thing to watch out for is YouTube videos with embedding disabled. Not that uncommon.

But in general the principle is, place the link on a line by itself. That is all, no special magic.

I think I understand… Thanks!

What I don’t get is why there is Israeli Soccer Fanatics graffiti on this video

One State For One Nation-Israel
Fuck Hapoel
Maccabi Tel Aviv
Gate 11

Especially since the official policy of Israel is to deny entrance & expel all Africans trying to enter Israel as refugees http://youtu.be/fiOJ6lrX0zY http://youtu.be/O9mkSdlgAP0

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