Hipster Jim Carrey attempts to carry the weight of the Sonic The Hedgehog movie

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Did anyone ask themselves “why” before they made this movie? I really enjoy Sonic games and still think this is very not good.

The naked greed of Tinseltown’s philistine studio executives.


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You’re right, absolutely. But did they stop to consider the fact that Sonic isn’t really that popular these days? And why does he look so grotesque?

This gives me very mild sad feels.


I’m guessing they’re hoping to cash in on nostalgic parents taking their kids to a movie about a game they themselves played as a kid. It’s pretty common for studious to release this stuff around the time the original audience is likely to have offspring reaching the same age.

I guess I’ve become a bit numb to it. Yeah, the late stage capitalism of cinema is mildly depressing and obnoxious, but sort of beneath my contempt. And I always keep Sturgeon’s Law in mind.

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