‘His failure will land at my doorstep’ — Biden on Trump and ongoing hack of U.S.

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That’s why I’m calling this the Ctrl-Z Administration. So much failure and vandalism to undo.


i like that Biden no longer gives a shit if he hurts donald’s feelings.


This administration has really made clear just how much a single person can fuck up our government. Not just in the broader “ecumenical” concept of liberal democracy, but the foundational gears of agencies tasked with making things go each day. It will take years just to restore any sense of functionality with the powers the office afford Biden directly. Legislative issues will be… fraught at best. As horrid as the prior 4 GOP presidents were, they were still working under the assumption that governance was a noble cause.

trump is absolutely incapable of such thought.


That statement applies to so many failures. Biden’s first term will have to focus on just fixing all the messes, in the face of relentless Republican obstruction.


At least he is recognizing this fact. And not just about the hack. Every damn thing that Trump failed at (all of them) will land on his desk, and the right will absolutely hold him responsible for not getting it fixed while doing everything in their power to make sure he does not get it fixed. This is such a fucked system.


It has more or less been Republican strategy for a few decades (deliberate or not) to leave the country a mess for Democrats to clean up. It’s not like Bush/Cheney were really all that competent either-- quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan, bigger national debt, tax cuts that don’t “trickle down” etc.

The whole GOP strategy on Obamacare was to refuse any involvement, then claim they were excluded from the process, then do everything in their power to hamstring the program, then point out “it’s a failure just like we predicted.”

Republicans are good at running for office, but they aren’t good at governing. They can stoke fears but they never allay them.


The standard republican attitude to government for some time now is analogous to smashing a car’s windscreen then complaining about how it’s impossible to see through it.


Their entire political philosophy revolves around the idea that governing is, in and of itself, a bad thing. Elect them, and they’ll prove it to you.


And then blame you for their failures. It’s the ultimate mass-effect dysfunctional relationship!


After four years of the equivalent of being tied to a chair and watching a toddler play with a loaded pistol, it is so refreshing to see a political figure deliver words that are relatively honest. Also, I love how he’s calling Cheetolini out. I hope the orange pig was watching.

I only wish Biden had said, “His failures will land on my doorstep.”


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