Here are the "horrific Biden scandals" in just his first 100 days, as pointed out by the GOP

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i know! i don’t know how to respond either.

Jesus. Trump’s list was that long after eight hours.


He should trigger Repubs next by wearing a tan suit.


We are “Biden did it” portion of GQP side show.



I heard that Dr. Seuss was absolutely devastated. First he gets cancelled and now this.


Picking on the man’s dog. . . ?

Not that Fox News was ever “classy”, but c’mon, “his dog is ugly so therefore he’s a bad president”?

“Biden Derangement Syndrome.”


“As pointed out by the GOP” and amplified by Faux News, OnAN, and NewsCrax. Obviously the pearl-clutching over such minor “scandals” (esp. in comparison to the lack thereof regarding the Previous Guy’s corrupt and traitorous activities) is absurd to us. Just don’t forget that the Know-Nothing 27% is still using this nonsense as feedstock for their spiteful and sometimes violent hate.


There’s a difference between this and TDS. I was going to write out a long thing but realized that it comes down to this: if you think Biden merits this level of constant attack, you have to be deranged, whereas if you felt Trump did, you didn’t have to be deranged.

Put another way, the Democrats picked (through the process) a very generic Democrat, who is largely a decent guy. Whereas the Republicans picked one of the most monstrous people they could find. It’s still really weird that that happened.


Poor guys, here’s a nice bunch, grasp one:



those are plastic straws!
I thought the (omg! clutches pearls) the “radical left” had banned them forever and “freedom suckers” are no longer able to grasp at them! they have to suck their plant-based beers through paper straws!
oh, the humanity!

ETA: big ol’ /S, just in case


“He doesn’t tweet that often and when he does the messages are conventional.”

How in the name of all that is good and holy is that a bad thing??


Sure. It doesn’t matter who the Democrats put up, Fox News will find a way to deride that person-- there were multiple “scandals” under Obama that were all “worse than Watergate”: Benghazi, Solyndra, Fast-and-Furious, the IRS, Obamacare. There’s a long list of things that were floated by conservatives as reasons Obama should be impeached, but no move was ever made to actually impeach because they knew it was really more about feeding red meat to their minions, like all those show votes to repeal Obamacare when they knew it was futile.

The American right wing has lost all touch with reality, and they’ve been headed down this road for decades. The slo-mo train wreck of watching Trump win the nomination in 2016 was the GOP sealing the deal.


i agree with everything you said except this.

the republicans made this happen because they’ve given up facts. first when american law started to recognize the civil rights of non whites, then on to the magic of tax cuts, false narratives about crime, drugs and gun statistics, wars against climate science and biology

they have boxed themselves into a corner where they can’t win arguments based on facts, so it makes perfect sense they’d turn to a man who plated his toilets in gold as he flushed away his dad’s money into multiple bankruptcies and claim he was a successful self made business man fit to be president.

there’s no choice but to keep doubling down on the lying because otherwise you’d have to admit all the lies that came before

when you can’t beat reality, change it


Yes, but those complaints were valid.


Reminder of Trump’s first 100 days:

Selected events:

  • Day 1: “American carnage stops here and now” inauguration speech
  • Day 2: Lies about crowd sizes
  • Day 3: “Alternative facts”
  • Day 4: Yemen massacre
  • Day 5: Border wall construction ordered
  • Day 7: Resignation of all senior state department officials
  • Day 8: Muslim ban executive order signed
  • Day 10: Muslim ban blocked
  • Day 13: Neil Gorsuch picked to replace Scalia
  • Day 14: Trump hangs up on Australian PM
  • Day 15: Bowling Green massacre
  • Day 17: Trump says he “respects” Putin in an interview with Bill O’Reilly (remember him?)
  • Day 18: UK Parliament won’t allow Trump to address
  • Day 20: Election Assistance Commission disbanded
  • Day 23: ICE enforcement raids across the country
  • Day 24: Sears and Kmart drop Trump brands
  • Day 25: Flynn resigns
  • Day 29: Trump calls the news media, “the enemy of the American people” for the first time
  • Day 31: “Last night in Sweden” comments about a non-existent immigrant-led terrorist attack
  • Day 33: CBP/ICE ordered to capture and deport every undocumented immigrant they encounter
  • Day 34: Trump laments how the US has “fallen behind on nuclear weapon capacity”
  • Day 40: DeVos says HBCUs gave Black students “more options”
  • Day 41: Trump calls HBCU leaders “you people”
  • Day 42: Sessions recuses himself from Russia inquiry
  • Day 43: “total witch hunt”
  • Day 45: Obama “had my ‘wires tapped’”
  • Day 46: Immigration ban 2.0 signed
  • Day 47: House introduces ACA repeal
  • Day 51: 46 Obama appointed US attorneys fired
  • Day 56: $54b of EPA and State Department reallocated for defense, immigration enforcement, and " deconstruction of the administrative state"
  • Day 60: FBI Trump-Russia collusion probe confirmed
  • Day 64: House ACA repeal pulled
  • Day 68: Obama climate change policies rolled back
  • Day 76: Bannon removed from NSC
  • Day 77: Senate bans filibuster of SCOTUS nominees
  • Day 78: 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired at Syria. Russians were warned in advance.
  • Day 79: Gorsuch sworn in
  • Day 82: Eric Trump says Ivanka convinced Trump to bomb Syria
  • Day 84: MOAB dropped in Afghanistan
  • Day 89: Ivanka gets trademark approvals from Chinese government after entertaining Xi at Mar-a-Lago
  • Day 91: House introduces new ACA repeal bill
  • Day 97: Trump tax plan revealed including 15% corporate tax rate
  • Day 99: Government shutdown narrowly averted
  • Day 100: Trump declares May 1 to be “Loyalty Day”

Conservatives don’t believe the lies they tell. That’s actually part of the appeal for them. Lying brazenly displays a macho boldness that makes them smile. Plus they can enjoy a dopamine release by briefly imagining the lie was true. It’s a powerful intoxication for trollish people.


Ah yes, I humbly acknowledge my blunder. Still, it’s a rainbow bunch of them, should be good for further meltdowns somewhere.
(Also /s, obvs).


What’s surprised me about attacks from Republicans is how many of them are upset because he’s not tweeting. I’ve seen multiple Republicans raise issues with that, and it boggles my mind.


Some do believe the lies they tell. QAnon’ers know Hillary drinks the blood of children whose face she ripped off to stimulate the production of “adrenochrome”. It’s not a metaphor. It’s not an exaggeration. It’s not a lie. To them.

Yet, they are so spectacularly successful. It’s baffling. The tribalism, fear, and selfishness they represent and inspire seem to have a particular resonance with the human psyche.

And, whats Biden done to deserve the creepy “red-laser eyes” caricature?
He’s alien? He’s evil? He’s globalist? He’s an older Homelander?