A befuddled Hannity thinks Biden's been president for a week, but Twitter helps him out

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We in the reality-based community can laugh all we want, but the mouth-breathers who watch Faux News take him and Tucker “won’t someone think of the poor white supremacists?” Carlson at their word.

These scumbags know exactly what they’re doing.


Hah, you’d think after the 438,923,013 years of the Trump administration, he’d have learned how to read a calendar!


I think that’s the problem; every day with Trump felt like a week and he hasn’t adjusted back yet.

To be fair, I think Biden’s done a week’s worth of work compared to any Ex-cheeto day.


Are those screenshots of Hannity correct? Is he now getting clown makeup tips from the ex-president?


Biden may have done more net work* in the first 48 hours than Trump did in 48 months.

*net work = (work yielding net benefits) - (work yielding net harms) / (hours spent in hell)


He’s secretly overjoyed that Biden won. Now he has something to rail against.


the idea of giving biden a chance as he gets started is just a pipedream i guess. i never expected it from fox of course, but republican senators are publicly griping already, riots in portland – it’s enough to make you want to scream. i know that no administration can satisfy everyone, and there will be those who will still be angry and vitriolic even when they get what they want. but are these same people (from either side) willing to even give one goddam inch of ground to see if things can start to get better? apparently not. and that makes me sadder than i can say. human beings suck, we really do.


They make their money demonizing Democrats. That is one of the things I have noticed have gotten worse over time. While I don’t agree with some of the Democrat platform, the attacks rarely reflect their actual positions, but cartoonish exaggerations and fabrications. This sometimes applies in reverse, but rarely to the same level. Though I believe it is one reason why moderates dismissed a lot of the people who were sounding alarm bells early on with Trump. It SOUNDS like the typical alarmist hyperbole that the right CONSTANTLY does.


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Yeah, nuthin new here.

These guys still think Obama was the “worst president ever” and as proof they cite a bunch of “worse than Watergate” scandals that they hyped and later were disproven (Benghazi, IRS, Solyndra).

Remember, Hannity said Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un was a great success, despite the agreement being little more than “we will try and work on something substantive later.”


I think for those of us in the reality-based community, every day with trump felt like a week, and now it’s turnabout time.

It’s going to be a long 28 years for Sean. Thoughts and prayers.


Hannity’s just upset that he no longer has access.

(2018, with all the ups and downs of a Trump relationship.)


“The one thing that concerns me that nobody seems to be talking about anymore is the massive amount of debt that we continue to rack up as a nation,” Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) complained during a confirmation hearing this week for Treasury Secretary-nominee Janet Yellen. “For me,” he continued, “that is a huge warning sign on the horizon, the fact that we have an ever-growing deficit, an ever-growing debt and no apparent interest in taking the steps that are necessary to address it.”

His colleague Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) likewise carped that U.S. deficit levels are “frightening.” Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) piled on, saying that waiting for interest rates to rise to indicate that debts are unsustainable would be “too late.”


You’re right John! Better cancel that massive revenue cut during the Trump administration!


I can’t blame anyone for not knowing what day it is anymore.


This is largely why 45’s policy position was simply, “Whatever Obama did, I want to do the opposite of that.” He got all of his policy agenda from Fox and Fox got all of its policy agenda from being anti-Obama.



Gosh, it’s almost as if Hannity - and Fox - has a political agenda he’s trying to advance by being completely disingenuous. It’s almost as if Fox has cultivated viewers to hate Biden for no reason and now needs to provide some fabricated justifications to satisfy them, and they don’t care how true they are. It’s almost as if the entire Fox media ecosystem is corrupt and toxic to both society and democracy.


Almost?? You can shorten that sentence to much more accurately read “The entire Fox media ecosystem is corrupt and toxic to both society and democracy.”