Kayleigh McEnany turned over texts that show Sean Hannity as her second boss

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McEnany: “Love that. Thank you. That is the playbook. I will help reinforce….”


Boy, the calculus of whether or not you’re deluded enough to believe trump won’t throw you under the bus in a heartbeat must occupy every waking thought as the noose tightens. Even in Don Jr’s pea brain there must be some realization that he will be sacrificed in broad daylight over the most mundane perceived transgression.



I’m sure the repercussions for Hannity will be in line with those for Cuomo when HE stopped reporting the news on his brother and started meddling in it.

I’m. Just. Sure.



The RW infotainment defense. No serious person would mistake what Hannity/Limbaugh/Alex Jones/Tucker Carlson says for the truth, so they escape consequences.


Propaganda never is.


Whats so weird about this all is:

Usually, when there is such an unhealthy and close association, it’s because the politician is feeding his message or talking point to the hack reporter. The reporter is a mouthpiece.

Here, with McEnany (and Trump), it’s the other way around(!) Fox is feeding their message to the politician. The politician is a mouthpiece.


The Playbook aka The Rules to Calvinball



There’s so much going on with this. The White House coordinating (well, creating) their “messaging” with a major “news” figure - with the media figure dictating the message. That it took an outsider to tell the White House how not to say terrible things, selling it as a fear that the president would get removed from office if he continued trying to overturn the election. Except he wasn’t, despite an inability to stick with the message. And everyone involved suddenly changed their tunes when it was clear there would be no consequences. (Would anyone have pushed back against Trump’s anti-democratic thuggery if they knew that from the start? Seems unlikely.)

Gods, I’m so done with all the trash people involved in this story, their lies, their propping up an idiot would-be tyrant, the hypocrisy… just all the general unapologetic awfulness and stupidity. I wish we could just shoot these a-holes all into the sun and be done with them for good. Even a new crop of identical a-holes would at least have the benefit of novelty.

Didn’t he just go on an unexpected vacation when the story came out initially? And then… crickets.


so true. i mean who exactly does he think gets murdered on sixth avenue?


my read is hannity was all in for trying to overturn the election, he just thought it would - like you say - possibly get dear leader booted if they kept talking about it publicly

it’d be amazing to see the whole lot of them locked up on conspiracy or rico charges

( it occurs to me in retrospect that “lock her up” was probably part of a deliberate both-sides inoculation against trump’s prosecution. probably for some financial crime he thought would come out during the campaign… but im sure it will still come in handy for them for this :confused: )


I don’t think Trump is capable of thinking that far ahead. It was a combination of Trump saying random things and that one getting a response, and some projection. Always projection. He projects a level of criminality on everyone else and their motivations that equals his (or exceeds his own to make himself seem good in comparison). Even going back to Obama - it turned out Trump, in accusing Obama of doing something, was revealing what Trump would do. So it ended up simply predicting all the things he would himself later do, or had already done.


It would be nice to use this as evidence that Fox is absolutely not a news outlet, and as a result is kicked out of the White House Press Briefings and is no longer receives any official info.

Of course, Jen Psaki has already discussed that: she says her boss is the President of the entire United States, and they want to get his message out to everyone, not just those who don’t disagree with him.

A noble thought, but there’s nothing noble about the way they disseminate his message to their viewers. I think this should just be a “cut-em-off” moment. Their making crap up couldn’t be any worse than what they already deliver, given their privilege.


I assume the order they are thrown under the bus will be Eric, Don jnr, Melania, and finally his one true love - Ivanka.


Oh please, he doesn’t love Ivanka, he just wants to sleep with her.


Sadly, I’m pretty sure Don Jr worked that out around age 3.


He may have understood it, but it seems he’s still “working it out”.


that is true stephen colbert GIF by Obama


Trump would throw someone under a bus just to stop traffic for him to cross the road.


See, this is why I don’t get all of this. What are all these people getting out of this? They didn’t get everything they wanted, legislatively, although they got some of it. But they likely would have gotten more with a more typical Republican President. Trump arguably lost the GOP control of the House, the Senate, and the White House. He’s not even all that good at being a useful idiot because he’s not controllable. Everyone, and I mean everyone (Hannity, Don Jr, Meadows, etc.) was telling him to go out and stop the rioters and to stop talking about stealing the election, and he couldn’t do it. Why do they keep sucking up to this loser? I really don’t get it. McCarthy initially speaks out against him, then goes to Mar-a-Lago, and suddenly he’s kissing the ring again. Does Putin have really bad dirt on all these people and feeds it to Trump as needed? What the hell is going on here?