Former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany attacked as a "traitor" and "disgusting" for praising Pence

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Even if someone else wins the GOP primary, expect their “platform” to once again just be praise to their lord and savior DJT.


When Kayleigh McEnany praised Pence’s “love for his Savior” she wasn’t talking about Orange Julius, and that’s the problem.


Who’d have thought that the face-eating leopard that is the MAGA cult would, given the slightest sign of mild disloyalty, eat her face?


Am I allowed to say that I hope his health habits catch up to him sooner rather than later?

Many (including myself) have argued that he’s a symptom rather than a cause, but at this point, it think it’s option 3: he’s a catalyst, allowing the cause to have such huge symptoms.


“Hate him”? As a conservative Republican who i only know 2 people who believe Pence did the wrong thing. Every other Republican i know thinks he did the right thing. And its very simple. If there are that many, Trump should win 2024 by a landslide. But i think most are like me. We got sick and tired of him blaming and attacking every single person that even respectfully disagreed with him. And to date, they have not shown any credible evidence that Trump won. Remember, the my pillow guy, Michael Lindell said he already has the proof, but says he cant let anyone see it because that will give people a chance to cover their tracks. He keeps saying he will release it at the right time. Why arent you attacking him. He says he has positive proof, but he obviously doesnt want Trump to win. Otherwise he would release the proof. Trump needs to fade into the sunset. Hes already dond enough damage. And yes, i was a BIG Trump supporter. And Trump is the only politician i ever donated money to. But its time to move on.



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  1. Welcome to BoingBoing

  2. Your sole problem with Trump seems to be that he didn’t concede defeat. Not any of the crap he was doing before.

  3. We don’t attack Mike Lindell because we think he’s delusional and likely drug addled. We don’t take him seriously.

  4. Paragraph breaks are your friend.


That’s good to hear, but where would you move on to? Who in the Republican Party would get your support? You will see the word “fascist” a lot around this site, and believe me, people here do not use the term casually. Many of the most prominent Republicans fit the requirements exactly, and they seem to have control of the party.

Is there anything at all that would induce you to vote for a Democratic candidate?


… got you to click on it, that’s all that matters :roll_eyes:


kaylee q
OMG! Kay-lee, you’ve changed! Don’t you love q anymore?


Polls are showing DeSantis with only about half the support of Lord Dampnut, with the others in the realm of single-digits:
The Morning Consult tracker said 54% of primary voters back Mr. Trump while 26% want Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Either way, 80% of those polled are perfectly O.K. with full-blown fascism. They just dispute which Il Duce wannabe should be tyrant-in-chief.

Firstly, he is not a current or former elected official, and, as such, is fairly irrelevant.
Secondly, he is a buffoon, and where’s the sport in that?

So, when Election Day 2024 rolls around, & if he is on the ballot, you plan to do what, exactly?


When was it exactly that you went from being a “BIG Trump supporter” to “it’s time to move on”?

Was it after the election in November 2020? Was it after the insurrection on January 6th, 2021?

Was there any time during his time in office when you started to think “maybe I shouldn’t have voted for him”? Or was it only after he was a sore loser that your perception of him changed?


It takes a lot of courage to admit that you were duped. Not that that makes up for all the racism of course.


Welcome, thanks for your pov.


I didn’t think or feel maga crowd to be this influential still. Boy i read the room incorrectly.

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You really need to get your party to hold the insurrections responsible. With few exceptions, every member of the leadership of the GOP right now are either silent or are backing Trump (or even his rival in awfulness, Desantis). Your entire party is FULL of racist, bigoted, rot with no policies to speak of that are hurting real people - even if YOU aren’t. But hey, you DID vote for Trump, knowing exactly what kind of awful human being he was. So… maybe you don’t care enough about saving democracy to DO anything other than show up on random message boards, whinging about how your feelings are being hurt for being put into the same boat as bigots and insurrectionists.

Well, guess what - YOU voted for this. YOU gave money for this. YOU are in part responsible for this. YOU need to help fix it.

I am sick of seeing people I care about hurt to fill the coffers for the GOP. I’m sick of seeing people who did no harm to ANYONE scared for their lives. I’m SICK of seeing real problems that are facing us ALL being dismissed as “liberal” conspiracies. And I’m REALLY sick of people like you acting like you had NO ROLE in what has been happening, when YOU helped to to happen by voting for what turned out to be the worst and most dangerous president this country has ever had.

And you’re supposed to be a voter for the party of “personal responsibility”? Well, fucking TAKE some responsibility and start doing the work to clean up YOUR party. They’ve fucked us royally, and that only changes when voters like YOU do the work to make the party into something sane and responsible again - or you leave it and help build a new one.

MTG has presided over the house TWICE now, so YES, they are still influential. Desantis is pushing through a host of MAGA-style laws down the throats of Floridians, which is being taken up in other states. Yes. These people still have influence. I’m not sure how you could have looked around and NOT seen that.


This, and even the so-called “never-Trump” Republicans won’t lift a pinky finger to so much as admonish him to stop being horrible. A few exceptions exist, but most are too afraid to lose the MAGA vote do do anything.