GOP Trump haters who are now supporting Trump

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Such ringing endorsements! How can he lose?




Veteran Republican strategist Rick Wilson: “You own his politics. You own his policies, even the ones that only last as long as the next contradiction. You own the racial animus that started out as a bug, became a feature and is now the defining characteristic of his campaign. You own every crazy, vile chunk of word vomit that spews from his mouth. You own his racist bleatings about Mexicans and “his” African Americans. You own his digital Hitler Youth alt-reich fanboys with their white-power fantasies and roaring anti-Semitism.”


So party loyalty before country loyalty, the new patriotism!


Yeah, no shit. What is the alternative? Encourage people to Vote for Hillary (sort of like that meme I just saw pop up where Bernie is holding a sign saying to vote for Trump)?

It is like the old saying - The enemy of my enemy is my friend and we have always been at war with Eurasia, or something like that.


I’m a little surprised that Trump even accepts all this support from these Losers. Thankfully, as a Man of the People, Trump is humble enough to lower himself to their altitude, I guess. He has to, really, because if he only surrounded himself by people as great as he is, he’d be all alone.*

Trump 2016!


Seems like this is good news – I mean, apparently if we can convince just one of these guys to jump off a cliff…
[Oh wait; they already have. Sorry, my mistake]


I believe that would be: Having and exercising one’s principles. They don’t have to encourage people to do anything, but at least they can show if they’ve got a spine or not.

EDIT: In fact, JFC. He’s openly called for the expulsion of millions of people and advocated for the use of torture and vengeance attacks on the family of alleged terrorists–do you honestly believe any of those things are allowable under the Bill of Rights? The Constitution? I’ll assume they’re not, even though I’m no legal scholar, and I’ll also assume that the pre-haters who are now sucking trump’s gym socks know it, too. And their silence, in the face of these abhorrent statements, is deafening.


To be fair, they think party loyalty is country loyalty because only Republicans are Real Americans™.


Bwahahahaa politicians with principles? OH man, that is a good one. Some one call Comedy Central and get this guy a special.


Speaking today Rep. Stewart added, “I never meant to imply that was a bad thing.”


Because being a member of winning party is more important than the future of the nation.

I’m so weary from this attitude of rabid partisanship at the expense of all else.


Chris Christie - 'I’ll admit, at first I was a tad skeptical about explosive diarrhea."


Right the catch 22 of idiots

I just wish I could find some line of argument to persuade my Trump-hating Republican relatives that Hillary is the conservative candidate they deserve.

Alas, decades of anti-Clinton Two Minutes Hate has proven difficult to undue.


No need to worry about any similar face turns for the Democrats, where all the heavy hitters have been solidly behind Hillary from day one.


There are at least two people on here now who’ve implied that somehow, GOP politicians who previously opposed Trump but are now endorsing him are putting party ahead of country. For this to be true, they would have to hold the view that Trump would be a worse president than Clinton. I’m pretty sure that isn’t the case for them. To them, Clinton – never mind Sanders – is still the worse alternative. You might disagree with that position, but you have to recognize that it’s internally consistent within their worldview.

Besides, Inflammatory rhetoric shouldn’t be a new concept to anyone here. Why are people so surprised that politicians were saying nasty things about Trump a few months ago and are backing away from them now? Remember how big of a deal it was when McCain opposed his own supporters on the suggestion Obama was an Arab?

Inflammatory rhetoric had a place in politics then, just as it did for the past… oh, too many election cycles to count. Why should things be different this time around?


What about the problem of sentence fragments.

Who’s going to fix that,

Not me, for one.


it’s actually great for your standard Republican, now they only have to lie about having read the Bible.

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