Trump proxy McEnany's latest ridiculous claims

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You guys are going to be waiting awhile.

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She actually mentioned Barrett and Kavanaugh, not Thomas. I haven’t heard anyone calling for either of those two to recuse themselves. What she’s talking about is, I guess, someone suggesting they should recuse themselves from the Trump case because Trump appointed them. And so she’s saying KBJ should recuse herself because Biden appointed her. Again, I haven’t heard anyone serious call for the Trump appointees to recuse themselves. Randos on social media, sure, but not anyone important.


I have. I mean, it was Kayley McEnany implying they are being asked to, thereby creating the logic loop necessary to activate Fox viewer’s salivary glands and begin the frothing process. But still… people are saying!

I love my fellow Boingers, you included, but you still fall in the category of “randos on social media.” As do I.


Sounds like the basis of a presidential campaign to me!



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