Kayleigh McEnany turned over texts that show Sean Hannity as her second boss

The glands


White Republicans:

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It’s a mass-spectrum inoculation:

  • “Lock Her Up” - so that all the anti-Trumper will look like copycats.
  • Fake News - so that any accusations against Fox/OAN will look like a copycat.
  • Hunter Biden - so that no one pays attention to Trump Crime Family
  • Hunter Biden’s paintings - so that no one pays attention to Jivanka making $120 million (in 2020 alone) in her side hustle, all while working in the West Wing.
  • Rigged Elections - so the legal GQP voter suppression and coming Trump/GQP Coup Part Two wont be noticed
  • “Obama Spygate” - so that we wont pay attention–
    [I cant keep going, it’s sickening]
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… and of knowing what happened to the previous a-holes.


i think it’s that they’re a minority party. and a minority party doesn’t have many options to win elections anyway.

recent republican presidents have only won via electoral college.* and in the senate the reason they have such power in the down to the way the states are drawn up.

i don’t think they expected their dear leader to get as far as he did – i’ve seen things saying even he didn’t expect it – but once he did: he became their only ticket.

they maybe could have become something other than the white supremacy party. if, for instance, they embraced conservative latinos. but they headed themselves in the direction of white supremacy a long time ago. it’s unlikely to change – more likely to get worse – unless they start losing miserably each and every election.

( *bush wouldn’t have won the second time via the popular vote if he hadn’t won the first time via the electoral college, and then plunged us into war. )

yeah. it is. :confused:

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TFG has the dirt, and it’s that the GOP has been covertly funded by Putin for over a decade. He’s wearing a political deadman’s switch.

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