Watch: Lindsey Graham's two-faced reactions to Trump vs Biden's classified docs is quite amusing

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And no one was surprised, for ever has it always been that the GOP diminishes their criminal actions to “minor mistakes” and elevates even the tinniest transgression (like wearing a tan suit) into “national crisis.” I just find its a wonder anyone believes them any more. Apparently the Boy Who Cried Wolf isn’t realistic.


“Politicians are lowest form of life on Earth. Two faced hypocritical republicans are lowest form of politicians.” -NotGeorgePatton


Hey, it’s not like Biden was giving Sen. Huckleberry L.G. Freeloader complementary lunches and rounds of golf (and no doubt other goodies enjoyed in private) like Biff was.


Calling these assholes out for their hypocrisy may be fun, but their hypocrisy is irrelevant to them and their supporters. The punches never land.


I just realized that the Republican party hit a sort of “hypocrisy singularity” with Trump, and we’re out on the other side of it now. They’ve been (increasingly) unabashed hypocrites for decades, but with Trump they hit a point where the term stopped being useful, as it’s grossly insufficient to describe the scope and degree of their behavior, it’s constant, it’s utterly without shame, and their supporters don’t care - it’s simply the air they all breathe. It’s become this new thing, a brand new dynamic where the old political rules and ways of talking about it don’t apply.


To be fair, I know that I have a bias in the opposite direction - when I heard of Trump’s classified documents, I felt it was outrageous before reading more details, and hearing of Biden’s, I felt it was an insignificant slip up rather than an actual thing to worry about. Once again, before reading much in the way of further details.

I can’t help but feel that prejudice, but I know I can’t assume it’s correct without some confirmation.


We haven’t gotten all the details of course, but one major factor in the Biden one is the items were at least secured, and of course returned immediately. There’s plenty of precedence for this where it basically works out to a slap on the hand and some public shaming.

That said, it’s a stupid unforced error that every GOP person will immediately leverage to somehow make the Trump one, where items were purposely held and hidden for over a year, to be “the same”.


Of course they are ‘outraged’… along with the usual ‘whataboutism’ & ‘bothsidesism’ that are their stock in trade.
We all know there are orders of magnitude in the quantity of docs involved, compared to those that Lord Dampnut stole… not to mention that Biden’s attorneys immediately returned the docs that were discovered…
Classified documents are one thing; what I want to know is, were any of those documents marked Top Secret or higher? Because that’s a whole ‘nother kettle o’ fish.
I haven’t heard anything about that aspect of those papers, but I suspect they will be the [relatively] mildly nefarious ‘classified’ type.

Even so, it won’t keep the Usual Suspects from clutching their pearls & screeching for impeachment, but they were gonna do that anyway.


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