Oops! Mike Pence scolds Biden's classified docs mishap — before docs were found in his own home (video)

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Wonder how he’s feeling about that, “unequal treatment before the law,” now. :roll_eyes:
Nevermind that it’s not unequal, it’s a completely different situation.
These assholes.


No more hanging? Pence has something he’s willing to spill doesn’t he?


If the Tangerine Palpatine is talking about it, I’d guess Pence’s leaks are worse than we’d heard.

I’d like to point out that it looks like Pence’s statement lasted just over 1 Mooch, or just under a quarter Truss, for our UK based posters.


Ooh, deep cut.



Nah. DJT just knows if he wants access to the GOP’s fundraising list and PACs for 2024 , he’s going to have to make nice with the establishment republicans. Because right now they’re not interested in having him around, and that means no continuing the grift.

I would not be shocked to see a floor fight at the RNC convention designed to exclude Trump.


He never did anything knowingly dishonest in his life.

Because he’s too stupid to know otherwise? :rofl:


You know which president DOESN’T have a problem with this?


Because he’s not old. He’s cool with computers / tablets.

No one in the DOD prints stuff out because that triggers tons of rules for how the documents need to be handled, which it’s better to just not trigger those rules by not printing.

We should also not have presidents in their 70s.

I’m pretty sure that in future the presidential staff are not going to allow printing like this.


It’s something else seeing Republicans twist themselves into pretzels trying to justify how Biden should, nay, must be taken to task for his mishandling classified documents while at the same time saying Trump and Pence did nothing wrong.

Either mishandling classified documents is a big deal, or it isn’t. It’s not supposed to depend on who did it.


More than that, the cases are not comparable at all. Pence and Biden: “Oops! I found these documents that shouldn’t be here. Come get them, please.” Trump: “Documents? I don’t have any doc… oh, THESE documents. No, you can’t have them. Hey! You took the documents I said you couldn’t have! Give them back! Unfair!”

Not the same at all. Of course, Faux News doesn’t see it that way, but that’s not news either.


It also really seems like the docs Biden had were an oversight. The docs Trump had he deliberately took after being voted out of office. It’s one thing to loose track of something, find it, and immediately give it back. Totally different thing to steal something, refuse to admit they have it for months, force the FBI to come and get it, tell the FBI they got everything when they didn’t, and then cry and whine and sue claiming that what they stole is not really what they stole.


The level of classification is an issue as well. As far as I know, we know nothing of the level with Pence and Biden. Trump had stuff classified at the highest levels. The way the gov’t classifies stuff, these may by shopping lists or laundry receipts at the lower levels. Trump has intelligence relating to activities of our closest allies classified at level that most probably don’t know exist. (I certainly didn’t) Wonder who might be interested in those?


Then there’s the added layer of where the documents were stored. It looks like for Biden and pence they were actually in their homes, which presumably are fairly secure. But Trump kept a lot of them them in a room off of the pool that was publicly accessible to anyone who came in to his wretched golf resort

Edited to add that it was a lot of the documents in the pool room. I seem to remember a lot being in his office too, which I would hope was fairly secure. But hope and Trump don’t really work


Pence is only two years older than Obama


If only there was a Bible quote about this situation that Mike Pence might agree to read.

Oh, there is? Matthew 7:5, “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”?


The Bible is for thumping, not reading! /s


2 years chronologically. A century or more in attitudes and expectations.


Oh for sure. Trump made his situation infinitely worse by his actions and it really is a different situation. I was referring more to the breathless news reports about the Biden document “crisis” and Republican feeding frenzy around it.

Ignoring everything else if it’s a problem that Biden mishandled classified material, then it should be problem that Trump and Pence did as well. As usual hypocrisy is the name of the game and if you have an R on your ticket it’s all met with a collective shrug.


As per this analysis shared by @GagHalfrunt in another thread every POTUS is provided with extensive resources from the National Archives to ensure they leave office with only the appropriate documents whereas VPOTUS is left to figure it out on their own.


I doubt that’s the reason.