Conservative Karl Rove sides with Biden rather than Trump when comparing their classified doc problems (video)

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When the current crop of monsters get so monstrous than the previous generation of monsters seem (almost) reasonable

(just keep away the fire or social safety nets)


I bet a lot of conservatives want to crucify Biden over this, except it’s tacitly admitting Trump is also guilty several times over.

And I’m not sure what Rove siding with Biden says about Rove, but at the very least it illustrates how Biden is not the radical socialist the wing-nuts say he is.


I think it mostly says that the old-guard right-wing establishment has decided Trump is done and it’s time to get the party behind DeSantis or someone else before 2024.


That never seems to be a problem for them.

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What they want is to bludgeon the DoJ into giving up on [expletive deleted], thinking that they’ll never give Biden ‘equal’ treatment. The DoJ on the other hand, tends to view security lapses with some alarm.

It does raise some other issues, such as why is no one noticing that piles of classified documents are going missing? You would think that when you have a document that says in big red letters ‘do not take this out of this special room’ that someone would be trying to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Rove sort of weirdly holds on to his ‘lawful evil’ view of the gop, and still kind of resents the ‘chaotic evil’ wing.


It means that, like many other terms, “conservative” does not mean the same thing to the GOP that it used to.


Rove was/is a monster in terms of his policy goals but he’s always been a creature of the establishment, bending the rules and norms to the breaking point but mostly working within the existing legal and political machinery.

The current generation of MAGA Republicans don’t care about creating any pretense of legality. They’re just as happy to let everything burn.

(Which is not to say that Rove didn’t help get us here even if he’s uncomfortable with how far his party has gone.)


In the case of Trump, NARA did just that, because it’s their job to keep tabs on what should be in their possession. They knew documents went missing. I’m guessing someone was aware that these documents had been missing and were working to find them.


Rove and the Bushes and the Cheneys were better at greasing all the wheels and covering shit up


Biden returns documents before the Archives even ask for them. The documents are in order and usable.

Trump is asked politely by Archives to return documents. Then the documents are demanded in harsh terms. Then they are subpoenaed. Then then retrieved in an FBI raid of his home. The documents are a mess, missing folders, mixed in with magazines and covered in ketchup and cocaine.


yeah, because of the way he’s tried to wield power, he needs at least the appearance of a functioning government. those are his tools

the ■■■■■ method of break everything does him no good


And the even bigger difference - it doesn’t appear any of the Biden documents were SCI. That is one of the big reasons Trumps documents are such a big deal.


I think it’s comparable to getting pulled over for speeding ten miles over the limit vs. Blues Brothers evading cops by driving through Daley Plaza.


Is there an update? The initial report included SCIF documents.

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The thought never crossed my mind that war criminal Bush and his band of monsters didn’t actually love America.

It never crossed my mind that Trump ever did.


That covers everything that possibly resides inside a controlled tin can. SBU, Secret, NoForn, Top Secret, SCI and beyond.

I haven’t seen any specific classification being reported.


I wonder if some of the “establishment Republicans” are finally starting to wake up to the fact that the monster they created is beyond their control. Not that it will matter for long. Their ilk are being forced out to make way for more lunatics. Short of emptying Koch’s bank account and dismantling the Federalist Society, probably nothing the old guard can do will slow the party’s transformation. They made their bed, etc. Unfortunately it’s not just them, but all the rest of us who must sleep in it.


Just wanted to highlight this – it’s perfect.