Historic accord reached in bum-washing bidet toilet UI conventions


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I’m dissapointed that safecracking (com)mode didn’t make the list.


They have 5 icons too many.


Either the original site got confused or the icons have been re-arranged, since (from right to left) they are plainly Raise lid, Raise seat, Small flush, Large flush, Dry, Bidet, Rear spray, Stop.


But do they have a machine that can blow smoke up your ass?


More significantly:

“Mum, I tested your toilet, but don’t worry, I’ve cleaned up the bathroom” - as actually happened to us.


With that sorted, can their industry association explain to builders and contractors in the US that it’s ok to have power outlets near toilets to be able to utilize their products?


You need a spur point which requires the use of a tool to gain access and is rated for bathroom use, in the UK. Power outlets in bathrooms are an extremely bad idea, especially with the horrible US 110V two pin plug, technically referred to by standards people in other countries as “babykiller”.


Most bidet/washlet manufacturers recommend or require a GFCI protected outlet, which would prevent anything making it a bad idea to have an outlet in a bathroom. Having no babies in my house, I can’t comment on whether it would kill them or not.


That would be the RNC.


American Standard.


Yes. When I was on an IEC electrical safety committee (one of the members being from UL) I took expert advice on whether residual current trips are “safe” in terms of preventing fatal electric shock. The answer is no; there is no known through body current below which there is definitely no risk of fibrillation. Even the UK system which has mechanical shutters over the live and neutral pins

is not completely safe, though the Schuko socket is pretty good - there is nothing in a “normal” bathroom that is (a) conductive and (b) can reach live pin.

The limits on residual current devices are a balance between safety and excessive tripping.
But the public perception of the balance between convenience and safety is often skewed.

[edit - in the usual example of two countries separated by a common language, what the US calls a GFCI, we call an RCD; and current wiring regulations expect an RCBO - a combined leakage trip and overcurrent breaker.]


While this may be a step in the right direction, it still doesn’t address the “drunkenly leaned against the control panel, shoulder pressed all buttons at once; bellowed so loud that everyone in the lobby thought I was crazy” problem.


Yep, though the “raise lid” and “raise seat” pictograms have arrows going both ways so don’t really say “raise” anyway.


Very interesting that they use “bidet” to apparently mean “vagina not anus”. I always thought that bidets were primarily used on anus, and that most women prefer to avoid using them for their lady parts. I wonder if this is somehow euphemistic in a weird Asian way.


Tobacco enemas for everyone!


Thank God the long nightmare is finally over.


… and did/does it work? Asking for a friend …


Just figured out laundry icons and now this? They’re just fucking with type foundries now!