History of the Hoodie


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I prefer the Saskatchewanian term for this item of clothing: Bunny Hug.


Well - back in the day, yeah, that was mainly where I saw and used them. They are way more popular for casual hanging out in now.


Gibson’s Bigend trilogy educated me quite a bit about military garb’s influence on “street fashion,” which is quite interesting as well.


This Day in Fashion History –

WaPo’s publication of an 8-page manifesto reminds America that hoodies aren’t just sportswear…they’re a statement!


I’m so old I still refer to them as “hooded sweatshirts”. The term “hoodie” seems too flashy to me.



Well, I think I’m going to be using that term a bit this year. Any origin/explanation for it that I can provide when I get confused looks?



Wish I knew, but that’s definitely what people from Saskatchewan call 'em (must be the pullover kind though, no zippers).


In fashion-speak, isn’t sportswear just about anything an ordinary person wears? Polo shirts, certainly, but if I understand right, also any men’s wear less formal than business suits. A sport coat is something you wear with a tie and slacks made out of a different fabric. It includes what most people now would think of as business casual. Women’s sportswear is the same.

I don’t think that “streetwear” has quite as established a meaning, but I don’t think it matches up at all with what people mean when they say something’s “very street.” I think, for instance, that almost any women’s shoes without heels, barring maybe ballet flats, are “streetwear.”

Specialized vocabularies can can cause confusion. I think there’s a bit of that going on here.

ETA: I’ve heard hoodies called “street fashion.” That does carry a bit of the modern meaning of “street.” I think the usage is very different than “streetwear” though.


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