The hoodie is 3,000 years old

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All due respect to @Papasan, but I’m wearing my hoodie right now!


Me too; just look at it!


that’s quite a broad definition of what constitutes a “hoodie” – i mean, ANYTHING with a hood? ponchos, monk’s robes, zippered jackets… as long as it has a hood, it’s a hoodie? :thinking:


I remember the term ‘hoodie’ coming to my neck of Canada and protesting fiercely as my friends picked it up. For some reason it always struck my as a silly thing to call a sweatshirt. Like a resto boss making us call ‘ramikins’ ‘biullets’ in the kitchen, to sound more USAish.


Does that mean they were thugs?

Wrong question. The question is “did the Thuggees wear hoodies?”


I was wearing mine at the gym this morning, bit chilly here in San Diego.

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I’m wearing one right now! Mine isn’t 3,000 years old, though.

ETA: :thinking: Hmm…it’s made of polyester…so…does that make it a bunch of million years old?

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Not my field, but aren’t those roman examples a type of prayer veils? They’d cover their heads during religious ceremonies; including them in portraits is a way of emphasising the piety of the subject?

Yes, hoodies started a long time ago.
And far, far away as well, apparently.

Like a year or so ago I remember seeing a guy wearing that same hoodie vaping as he walked out of a Big Lots

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