History of video game graphics


I wouldn’t call that Estuary English - no dropped g, replacement of th with v or ll with w, no flattened vowels …

Zork is feeling a bit left out.


http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOQZmjD6P2HlOoEVKOPaCFvLnjP865X1f for the whole playlist.

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I don’t even think this accent is from anywhere in the south. It sounds closer to a Manchester-accent-trying-to-sound-neutral. The use of a hard A, rather than Aah, for example.

It feels odd nitpicking about the narrator’s accent, but I really was expecting an Essex-y sound from the very specific description in the brief article.

Do you suppose that the latest generation graphics are less realistic than in previous generations simply because it’s too expensive for most game studios to design to a hyperrealistic standard?

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Echoed. Accent is definitely Northern. Or, as we say in the Thames Estuary area, faaaaackin’ Norvan.

Not to mention Nethack and other rogue-likes.

Interesting series. Looking forward to the others (if I remember to check later).

His twitter says he’s from (or at least lives in) Manchester…


It’s all up already…

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