Hitler's drug habit wilder than widely known


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Great, the vegetarian canard again.

It sounds like the drugs were a way to get back the feeling he had in the beginning when he was orchestrating and executing his plans. So no, the drugs aren’t an excuse, they’re actually proof that he got off on torturing and killing people.


Aren’t they all vegetarian?

Apparently not.


I actually thought of you when I wrote “canard” and wondered if you’d make a joke about it!!!


It honestly doesn’t surprise me the 'Dolph used weird drugs. Even simply amphetamines must have been vital.


Hitler, of course, thanks to the advanced technology of Germany, was among the first human beings to turn their brains to cobwebs with amphetamine. He actually chewed on carpets, they say. Yum yum.

-Kurt Vonnegut, Hocus Pocus


Are we sure that’s not just a euphemism regarding Ms. Braun?


OMG - you mean Hitler was, in fact, Le Dauphin?

That’s a sort of kray-zee insight like ‘God is Dog spelled backwards’. Wow, man - way kool.


No man, don’t you see!? It’s been Dolph Lundgren all this time. We even have video proof he uses drugs (the documentary, Rocky 4)


“Shots of pig hormones before speeches.”

So THAT’S what Cameron was doing!


Well yeah, vegetarianism = de facto crazy, right? Cuz meat provides necessary enzymes, something something mutter mutter. :-/


“Shots of pig hormones before speeches.”

Roid Rage to the max!


And a painter!


Thank you, historians, for not making more of this drug narrative earlier.

While Hitler’s drug use has been discussed to some degree for quite some time, can you imagine what the architects of the War On Drugs might have done with the emotionally charged ammunition this full revelation might have provided? It’s never been fueled by “facts”, but being able to trot out “Because . . . Hitler!” would have taken things to the next level for anti-drug crusaders.


We´re so lucky, this War on Drugs thing could really have gone overboard otherwise.


well…he shot some hormones into the pig. yes.


Eukodal is Oxy, is it not? Burroughs used to raphsodise about it as well. DIX sounds exciting.


JFK also used amphetamines.

The drug use (and sexual perversion) by powerful people throughout history and in different countries is likely to be endemic and epidemic. In fact, the argument has been made that, at least in the USA, we have a culture based upon addiction. Check out Anne Wilson Schaef’s When Society Becomes an Addict, a very useful book explaining how we live (or merely exist) these days.


I know just a little French, but my girlfriend is trained in French linguistics and I mentioned the phrase, “Antisemitic canard.” She just looked at me for an eternity. Finally, we played Questions:

“What what?”
“An antisemitic what?”
“An antisemitic canard?”
“What’s an antisemitic canard?”
“That Jews start all the wars?”
“How is that a duck?”
“How is that a what?”
“A duck, how is that a duck?”
What the hell are you talking about?”
What the hell are you talking about?”


Best. Conversation. Of my life.


Isn’t it because these traits are somewhat pervasive throughout all the levels of the society, and are merely more visible on the top?