Hitler's drug habit wilder than widely known

Well yeah, vegetarianism = de facto crazy, right? Cuz meat provides necessary enzymes, something something mutter mutter. :-/


“Shots of pig hormones before speeches.”

Roid Rage to the max!

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And a painter!


Thank you, historians, for not making more of this drug narrative earlier.

While Hitler’s drug use has been discussed to some degree for quite some time, can you imagine what the architects of the War On Drugs might have done with the emotionally charged ammunition this full revelation might have provided? It’s never been fueled by “facts”, but being able to trot out “Because . . . Hitler!” would have taken things to the next level for anti-drug crusaders.


We´re so lucky, this War on Drugs thing could really have gone overboard otherwise.


well…he shot some hormones into the pig. yes.


Eukodal is Oxy, is it not? Burroughs used to raphsodise about it as well. DIX sounds exciting.

JFK also used amphetamines.

The drug use (and sexual perversion) by powerful people throughout history and in different countries is likely to be endemic and epidemic. In fact, the argument has been made that, at least in the USA, we have a culture based upon addiction. Check out Anne Wilson Schaef’s When Society Becomes an Addict, a very useful book explaining how we live (or merely exist) these days.


I know just a little French, but my girlfriend is trained in French linguistics and I mentioned the phrase, “Antisemitic canard.” She just looked at me for an eternity. Finally, we played Questions:

“What what?”
“An antisemitic what?”
“An antisemitic canard?”
“What’s an antisemitic canard?”
“That Jews start all the wars?”
“How is that a duck?”
“How is that a what?”
“A duck, how is that a duck?”
What the hell are you talking about?”
What the hell are you talking about?”


Best. Conversation. Of my life.


Isn’t it because these traits are somewhat pervasive throughout all the levels of the society, and are merely more visible on the top?


I believe this may be the reason that his vegetarianism is cogent to his dependency on drugs.

Although I gather that many vegetarians don’t eat meat for dietary, rather than moral reasons and couldn’t give a crap how many animal products they use, so long as they aren’t ingesting them.

Which makes me wonder what those percentages are. And how far it is possible to even run with that idea in the modern world? Does the animal have to die, or be uncomfortable, how do you sanely draw the line between a product or even environment which has not been brought about by some animal suffering? Do humans count? Or would you have to be a vegan cannibal for that to work?

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Was he not vegetarian? Assuming he was, it does seem notable that he’d be shooting up pig hormones.

It is sometimes debated whether he counts because he avoided meat for personal health reasons and was not strict. He was perceived as vegetarian at the time and it was sold as an ascetic thing.

I think there was also a certain shift in terminology. At the time the very idea of specifically avoiding meat flew in the face of mainstream preferences and was noteworthy even if you didn’t turn it into a “vow” that you followed consistently.

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Ten million. He mass murdered about ten million people, six million of whom were of at least partial Jewish descent. People often focus on the specifically Jewish deaths for excellent reasons, but I’m always disturbed when the four million homosexuals, dissidents, Romani, disabled people, and others are just left off when mentioning the death camps in general. It seems to be happening more often nowadays.


That’s it: he wasn’t. He claimed that he was, but there would often be some sort of animal product in his food. Soup made from meat stock, for example. It’s like the teenagers who suddenly announce they’re vegan, but it’s really just about being able to control food intake… either for the sense of control in general, or due to eating disorders.

As much as I hate hate hate the vile “six million” cliche, I think in this case it is possible that it was supposed to be an example of a single plan instead of a total.

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When I lived in Prague in the 90s, Pervitin was the speed we all took…strong & scary. We all knew it as Nazi speed.

If Hitler was a strung out meth head, maybe that explains (a little) some of the bad decisions the German high command made towards the end; not that it would have mattered.

The part about the ‘rubble women’ was new to me.


That gif is beautiful.

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From the sounds of it, pretty much most of the evil was planned with sound mind, and the drugs came later to help him deal with the realization that those same plans had destroyed Germany. A coward to the end.

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