Holding mirrors up to police lines at #Euromaidan

Wait. Looking at the photograph, wouldn’t the riot officers be looking at reflections of the photographer? Given that the camera is taking a photo of the officer’s faces?

The best part of that - somehow the officer would have seen “his” reflection move taken it as the protester moving in and then moved some more, and finally end up beating his own reflection/protester…which somehow would all have been blamed on the protester regardless.

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I’m afraid you’re almost certainly correct about the likelihood of epiphany generation amongst the cops…

Let’s hope this Yanukovych scumbag sees himself in those mirrors, maybe… oh wait, same problem.

Maybe they won’t realise that they are just mirrors, then they can beat the protesters up for giving them a dehumanising stare?

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It’s not as if they are in any danger of getting beaten by medusa.

They should make a big heart sticker and place it on the mirror where the cops heart would be.

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