Ukrainian riot police strip protester naked in sub-zero weather




it’s the Ukraine, not even a democracy… what ya gonna do about it?

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Looks like he was pretty beat up, too. Tough guy…and I mean that as a compliment.


that is fucked up beyond words


They’re having him pose for a picture with a small hoe for…some reason? I assume there’s some meaning behind that where the hoe is the symbol of the protesters or something.

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The only thing I was able to find quickly was a reference in a Reuters article to a similar protest: “One protester digs up cobblestones with a hoe, transforming bricks into weapons.”

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My sister lives in Ukraine, about 1.5 miles away from the square where all of this is going down. She sent me an email with some new details, which I’ve shared on G+:




I assume that either he had the hoe originally, or, more likely, the police don’t give a damn whether he had the hoe but never-the-less want the photo of him with it so that in court later they can say “here you are with the hoe you were using to get cobblestones for throwing, you’re going in the hole for 10 years.”


wow. thanks for that.

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I see she has stated she wants her name and social media links published so that more people can learn about what’s going on. I sincerely hope she doesn’t get in trouble for her openness.

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Things are complicated.

Imgur has this set of photos describing the Ukrainian neo-nazi presence that has glommed on to the riots.

I would be interested in learning about the factionalization of the protestors and rioters as well as the social and economic realities of the police force. We should be learning from our revolutions. We should be using the data to watch the watchmen.

Contemporary surveillance is in the wrong direction.

It seems clear that the globe has moved through an “Information Age”, and that shift, like the shift from bronze to iron, would most certainly be followed by the coming revolutions. People might begin to see nation/states as incestuous colonialism or as yokes to their happiness.

Or the machines might see this as their chance and collude with the house-cats for total world dominance.

Things are complicated.
Agreed, this seems a lot like the Syrian situation where it's hard to tell who all the bad guys are in the bigger picture. One thing is for sure, there's a lot of bad guys in the Ukraine and it's a fricken mess.

One thing is for sure, in these pictures the guy who is being humiliated naked and freezing is not one of the bad guys. Even relativism has its limits.

These executioners of the state on a power trip might also have stories of humiliation to tell, but watching the cold blooded ruthlessness with which humanity is being striped of its dignity here I find it pretty easy to decide who the bad guys are.


No doubt. No matter what the dude may have done in their eyes, he should get a fair trial. Not this animalistic, humiliating bullshit. I’m still pretty confused as to why they thought it was a good idea to film it. I guess they think it’ll intimidate the others, but that’s sure to backfire. At least when American soldiers melt the flesh off of people with white phosphorus and massacre civilians they have the good sense to dig out the bullets, leave drop weapons, deny everything and of course never even consider filming it. If you’re going to slaughter humanity, at least be quiet about it.


Viktor Yanukovych and Vladmir Putin are the worst sort of human beings. If only they didn’t have nukes, because that’s all they’ve got between them and a few well targeted drone strikes. Maybe, some day!


they film it because they clearly can. no one is stopping them.


We don’t even know that. All this does is show how the police are bad.


Shouldn’t there be cop defenders in this thread by now pointing out that the video doesn’t show what the naked guy did and maybe he deserved to be stripped naked in freezing weather because reasons?


In what universe is this naked protester a bad guy in this particular situation?