Hollywood assistants are the latest group to come together, share their salaries, and demand better working conditions

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Pay secrecy only ever helps employers.

Break out the data, then organise. Unions and class solidarity are the answer, not crab-bucketing division and infighting.


Shades of BoJack Horseman

“6 The Kidney Stays in the Picture The assistants of Hollywoo go on strike. BoJack tries to help Doctor Champ. When Todd learns that his mother needs a kidney, Diane comes up with a plan”


I’m not even within spitting distance of the entertainment industry. In my job someone above me left, and I thought for sure I would get the position. Instead, the work and responsibilities were divvied up between me and another newly-made manager around 20 years younger than me and the position was eliminated.

I haven’t started abusing substances, yet. Yet. I am thinking about it though.

That said, I’ve been stuck on the lower rungs long enough to be all in favor of wage transparency. Also, I’m sick of ladders.


I was reading about how during the last recession, the economy lost a lot of HR positions. Companies replaced them with largely automated online services, with whatever tasks those services didn’t provide being foisted on the remaining workers (for no extra pay); when the recession was over, those HR jobs stayed gone.

I’m also thinking about how widespread unpaid (or extremely low-paid) internships are as entries to so many industries now. This goes far beyond entertainment, covering a lot of industries that people see as desirable. Rich people are literally buying up all the “good” jobs.


Our HR department is the boss’s wife, with the help of ADP. So. Whee?


UBI could also help prevent an increase in working poor and homeless people:

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Assistants: We have one request. To not be treated like garbage.

Turteltaub: It appears we are at an impasse.


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