Home camera catches U.S. Marshal slugging unarmed, handcuffed black suspect

are they? really?

i don’t equate justified criticism, the call to hold police accountable, and the desire to defund the police as attacking officers.

what’s in that video is an attack.

on the separate question of “are there good officers?” if there are some calling on cops like these to be arrested and tried - just like any other citizen would be if they did the things in this video - then, maybe, id call them good.

it’s basically unicorn status at this point

i know you’re being sarcastic, but more often than not: that is actually the case.

blm protests for example featured regular reports on the number of injured officers, and not a few of those were those that hurt their hands, or sniffed their own tear gas. it’s in the cops interest to report the numbers that way, and nobody else is counting


im so glad they show mug shots of the kids the police beat, and not any ( save the video itself ) of the cops who did the beating /s

i know there’s the whole “but they’re murder suspects” - and yes: true, but given the track record of the police in general, and the complete disregard of public safety these officers in particular have shown: it’d be better to wait until these kids are at least on trial or convicted before permanently linking their faces with killings they may or may not have committed


I like to say that if beating murder suspects is something we want to tolerate as a society then we need to make it legal.
Until then these cops are violent criminals and have betrayed our trust.


I think it’s simply that awareness is rising. They’ve always been this bad.


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