Homeland security want to subpoena Techdirt over the identity of a hyperbolic commenter

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It looks like someone needs to set up a DHS gag-order canary.

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Everyone knows there is no hyperbolic commentary on the internet.


The full comment from “Digger”

The only “bonus” these criminals are likely to see could be a bullet to their apparently empty skulls.

The person wronged probably knows people who know people in low places who’d take on the challenge pro-bono, after a proper “cooling-off” period.


People on the internet all live in the U.S and are likely to be visited at any moment by agents of homeland security - agents whom probably all deserve to be shot and dumped in ditches so as to water the roots of the tree of liberty and some such stuff.


privileged greed and thuggery is not used to being questioned.


This just pisses me off.



… As far as I can tell, that would wipe out life on Earth, and turn most of North America into an ocean.

I’m now trying to figure out if that’s a good idea or a bad idea.


Still working my way up to BoingBoing’s Subpoena Badge.


There should be an app for that. It reminds you to update it twice a year, and has a general canary as well as a specific one for each government agency, and everyone who was even slightly worried about it could have one. You could also register it with some kind of distributed and signed database, publish all changes at the end of the year.


Seems everybody willfully involved in the pursuit of that commentor are looking to maybe share in that ‘bullet bonus’ said commentor was suggesting would make a fitting reward for corrupt cops.

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Oh, that is just OUTRAGEOUS!!!

(Well, someone had to…)

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Just more of the usual behavior from one of the many tentacles of the self-proclaimed “most transparent administration ever”. Too bad the press is asleep at the wheel for these constant abuses of power by this administration.

The president should be roasted about these constant stiflings of free speech with unconstitutional, secret-courts bullshit. But instead it’s just endless slavering subservience and fawning, softball questions. Ugh.

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According to Nukemap it would blow a hole right through the planet, although I don’t think that calculation is meant to scale up that high.

Only one way to be sure!


Actually, since we’re dealing with humanity, let’s go with: Land and befriend the planetary populace, and then enact sensible and progressive policies intended to better everyone.

And then take off and nuke it from orbit.

I have no prospect of a life on my own. No friends. No particular care for what happens to my personal future.

I would likely be on some kind of list if I weren’t also white male and in a christian family…

With that said I am disgusted with this government. The people that wish to join saidgovernment, and the apparatus that appoints these people enough that if something WERE TO HAPPEN to these people… Just as a hypothetical. I have nothing to lose no matter what happens.

Come at me bro…

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Stupid fucking Department of Homeland Security.

What a bunch of losers, sitting around all day, reading comments on the interwebs, looking for something, anything to do, then when they find something crappy to pretend is action-worthy, they’re so dumb they have to write to the blog owner to ask what to do?

De-Fund DHS, put the money in education, round up all DHS personnel, send them to education camps, Not the ideological sort, the remedial sort. They don’t need to be told what to think, because if they did it would still need to occur after they’re shown how to think critically, and read and write and shit.

I bet they shoot themselves, accidentally, more than any other “Law” enforcement agency. God forbid any of them wake up with a conscience and give a rise in the number of suicides at the DHS. Probably have some training in how to avoid examining one’s own deeds in hindsight.


All I can say is that I doubt Bernie Sanders would stand for this kind of shit, unlike Obama, and presumably Trump and Clinton. Obama’s failure to end civil asset forfeiture and rein in the FBI, NSA, DHS, RSA, etc… will stand out in my mind as some of the most weak-ass negligent and treasonous leadership I’ve seen in this country in the history of my life. These aren’t little issues, these are gigantic civil rights violations happening in broad daylight right in front of his eyes and he does nothing. Fuck you, Obama, right to the depths of hell. You’re the biggest pussy president we’ve ever had.


I don’t think the male part helps you there - usually males are better off but women are assumed to be incapable of violence, plus the whole nonsense about how lone males in drone strikes are terrorists unless proven otherwise etc.

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When I was starting my career, I spent a stint in the so-called Star Wars program.

Many of the older researchers had all these bespoke slide-rule like things (cardboard circular cutouts) for all sorts of calculations, like megadeths per kilotonne…