Homemade bumper harness saves blind dog from bumping into everything


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Definitely a wonderful thing…

I need that (or perhaps 1980’s era shoulder pads) – I always whack my shoulders on door frames.


what a cutie!!!


that was some great lateral thinking.


Awww. What a nice idea! (Now they should re-name him Roomba.)


Another case of the “I just stumbled upon this YouTube video, and I shan’t mention that the creator first shared it on Reddit, and that that’s where I saw it” :wink:

In fairness, at least this one’s off the front page, so it probably made the rounds a little more, but still no h/t link to anything?


I was just telling my vet that someone ought to get into geriatric pet products, of varying price points. I have made a dog ramp, a cat ramp, and modified a litter box for an old kitty. The very few products that I’ve come across are way too expensive, which is why I’ve made my own.


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