Homemade Thai firework carves a superb vertical corkscrew


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And it parachuted safely to the ground! I give that a WTF x 10!


Has this not been on Boing Boing before? I always see it with a different country attached to the description…


That was some excellent DIY, and very cool.


Awesome work Thai makers. I salute our new firework overlords! เจ๋งอ้ะ


That’s a girandola, and I’ve posted that one in our Lounge before.

This lovely one was fired at PGI a few years back:
(Edited because this one embeds-)


If only this was a thing where I live – safety third!

@doctorow, if you really want to see some pro-level pyro like this, I recommend Western Pyro Association’s annual Winter Blast in Lake Havasu City.

Actually various PGI events might be closer to you, if you’re willing to visit the States.

Nothing prepares you for first-rate pyro. It changes everything. Most Americans have been to 4th of July shows, but have never seen a truly big show. Some lucky people live near a landmark that gets special shows, like the Statue of Liberty. They fire the big guns off those barges, and they’re high quality Italian salami shells.

The best shows are the ones where pro firework builders and shooters take a vacation and show off for their buddies. That’s where projects like the girandolas above come from much of the time. That’s why I recommend PGI/Western Pyro if you can afford it/are willing to make the journey.


I feel like the little kit on the Big Wheel at the end of The Incredibles. “That was AWESOME!”


This is evidently a standard Thai firework, not a one-time creation. Here are a lot more of them, some working better than others.


It is impressive how this stays oriented horizontally so it travels vertically. They should attach these to rocket launches so they don’t go sideways.


Then Popobawa runs up and somehow climbs the smoke trail into the clouds. TeeHeeHee!


Something something “spiral energy”


THIS is worthy of BoingBoing.
Far more interesting than Trump drivel.



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