Best fireworks packaging of 2014


Was flicking through the radio stations last week and one had a ‘porn title or fireworks name’ call in contest - it was surprisingly difficult.

500 gram!!! (a very nice cake, btw)

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Never having shopped for fireworks before, I’d assumed the recent Penny Arcade was completely absurd hyperbole:

Thanks Boing Boing for schooling me on how mild an exaggeration this actually is.


“Monkeys Violate the Heaven Palace”


I don’t know about you folks, but I desperately want to see what the hell the “horseshoe crab” does!

The “Shitty Kitty” is probably just like this “poopy pooch” one:

I try to visit the local stands every year. This year I only hit one, and didn’t find many glorious ones. TNT’s big pieces aren’t as crazy as others; unfortunately most of the local stands are TNT.

This and the next five are this year’s:

Here is my set of previous visits:

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