Firework or Sex Toy – The Boing Boing Game




To create some extra confusion I’m sure there are some thrill seekers out there for whom fireworks are sex toys.


It’s a whole genre of youtube videos. The first example that came up for me (NSFW):


Yet another indication of the stupidity of the young male. You’ll never find a Fail Vulva Rocket video.




Challenge accepted.


Team 6 Arsenal isn’t a sex toy, I think technically it’s a sex act.


Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the ACME Purity Rocket
–asbestos gimp suit sold separately


A new take on the game of ‘Sexual Innuendo, or British Food?’

Spotted dick
Bubble and squeak
Toad in the hole


You can also play “car model” or “sex toy.”

My favorite: the Pontiac Vibe


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