Homestuck was the "internet's first masterpiece"

I’d never heard of it before and the whole story reads like, “hey, guys remember this really cool thing? Well it’s gone now so if you missed it, tough shit.”

So, thanks?


You should narrate historical walking tours.


You’re not alone. I think I could have survived the latest storyline if I found the protagonist(?) remotely likable.

I get what you’re saying, but it’s been done over and over again in various forms pre and post interwebs.
Nothing special or even new.
Also I gave not two poops when HS was in it’s prime, and give not two poops now.

I was there. pfft. Pretentious much?


I primarily enjoy the artistic style, personally. I used to buy Metal Hurlant before the English version (Heavy Metal magazine) was available, and I’ve never learned French.

But I’ve come to appreciate the Kimiko Ross stories, too.

I suspect that if an artistic endeavor works for absolutely everyone, it’s probably not good art. It seems like there needs to be something more than just pretty colors, mass appeal or lack of controversy; to my mind the McDonald’s cheeseburger is not a work of art, regardless of what Andy Warhol or Marcel Duchamp might say about my unsophisticated tastes.


Well, I was there, and can verify that the experience I had as part of that, and which was a critical part of the whole package, just cannot be had anymore. Exactly as per the article’s thesis.

If that seems pretentious to you, well, I’m so very, very, sorry.



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Never got into Homestuck. The overly banal beginning was a bit of hurdle, I guess.

I did, however, develop a slow-burn fondness for Prequel. Roughly the same concept (inspired by Homestuck, I believe). But furrier, with very particular inside jokes about the Elder Scrolls game world and with sometimes very questionable interactivity – the author seems to ask for community suggestions and then apparently decides “screw it, I want this to happen instead” a bit too often.

Sounds kind of crap described like that, doesn’t it? I find it quite delightful, particularly in the bare bones but very expressive art and animation style, and the level of love for the craft apparent in the occasional narrative mini games that move the plot forward. I certainly cared more about those cat and lizard person characters than I ever did about their uglier, less-plot-developed versions in the games.

It’s also still ongoing, sort of (long hiatus right now) so you can still have the community experience, or whatever. To me that mostly means having to wait for episodes in real time, so yay I guess.

This might be a better introduction than mine.


Feel not sorry for me, after suffering through all the HS’ers posting and babbling on about HS over the years was enough for me to say I was there too.

And I still don’t care.

Ok, now this I like.

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Seriously, your description is exactly what I felt reading the article below.


The wonderful obsessiveness of MusicBrainz combined with TPB? Man, am I ever sad I missed out on that.


I’ve mentioned this before but when I was a boy, I spent a summer reading the full run (up to the time) of Heavy Metal and some Metal Hurlant that my dad’s grad student had accumulated.

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