Honest Trailers reminds you just how bad Halle Berry’s Catwoman was

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I’ll always admire Ms. Berry for showing up in person to collect her Golden Raspberry for that film.


“As for the culprits, let’s begin with the committee, the gang of four, that pummelled some guiltless keyboard and dreamed it was a script.”
–Quite possibly my favorite bad movie quote of all time. So savory.

It’s kind of an incredible feat in itself that they could take one of the coolest, sexiest leading ladies in Hollywood at the height of her career, cast her as one of the coolest, sexiest comic book characters of all time, and end up with something both entirely uncool and unsexy. It’s like something from DC’s Bizarro World.


Jesus Christ. Who are you and why are you in my head? I would have typed a near word for word copy of your post.


Wait, why are we singling out Green Lantern here? Green Lantern was terrible, sure, but it took nine years to get a second chance, and as a Green Lantern Corp film, instead of a solo film. There’s so many better examples! Like the Hulk! He got a shitty 2003 film a second chance with another shitty film in 2008, and then continued to appear in other Marvel films. Spider-Man is on his third reboot. Superman Returns happened, in spite of Superman III and IV. Man of Steel happened in spite of Superman Returns, and Batman vs Superman happened in spite of Man of Steel. Why in Hera’s name are we singling out Green Lantern when there are so many better examples?

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Please don’t bring shade to Superman IV the Quest for Peace.

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