Catwoman is bisexual


Hasn’t she always been?


Although I’m glad to see gay and bisexual relationships being played out in various storylines these days, it always seems to me like mainly it is pretty, popular women that get these storylines. Not that there aren’t some lovely lady lesbians out there, but I feel like it’s just another way that women become objectified and for male fantasy.


In all fairness, I don’t know of any male that had a fantasy for this character.


It’s been kind of an open secret.


Oh, whoops, your graphic didn’t show up at first. Velma, exactly.

I do.


Um, I’ve known quite a few guys who loved Themla’s character, including the one I’m seeing now… Knee socks and mary janes…come on!

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I’ve always like Velma over Daphne. A quick look on your favorite search engine will turn up several Velma fan pages.


Add one more to the “always had a thing for Velma”

Your sample group is rather limited I would say.


That Halle Berry Catwoman was just weird. I mean, how do you take one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood at the height of her career, put her in the role of one of the sexiest characters in the history of comic books, and end up with something completely un-sexy?


Your point is fair, but aren’t ALL the characters in these comic universes basically drop-dead gorgeous (with the exception of Ben Grim and some of the villains)?

Very good point. It’s a kind of remarkable achievement.

Look, I get that people in tv shows and in movies are more beautiful. I am always the one to chuckle at the movie based on reality where they have a photo of the real life person at the end and she is always fatter, puffier, and frizzier than the actress who played her on screen. I understand that. But, in becoming more “openminded” about gays, a lot of these storylines are just titillation. It bugs me. Sorry, it just seems like another slam to me against them being accepted as they are.Kinda like when they have a female cop character, but her shirt is always unbuttoned real far and she acts just like a man.

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Often it’s enough to see a photo of a celebrity with and without the makeup, lighting, and image postprocessing. The very same person can look quite different.

Many years ago I saw this, and thought it was so true:

Women men aren’t supposed to find sexy but do: The women in Hanes underwear ads.

Women men are supposed to find sexy but don’t: The women in Victoria’s Secret ads.

This, to me, is what was wrong with Halle Berry’s getup. You know what you need to do to make Halle Berry gorgeous? Nothing, not a thing. They tried way too hard.

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They managed to make an unsexy Catwoman next time around too.

It’s all about Julie Newmar and Michelle Pfieffer.

Pfft, one kiss doesn’t mean she’s bi, it just means she’s adventurous.

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