Catwoman is bisexual

Yes, it looks like you’re right. Then again, if I looked hard enough I could probably find people that found Bea Arthur sexy as well.

She was the hottest Golden Girl!


That bugs me too. There are way more bisexual/gay female comics characters than male, and they tend to be more often popular protagonists (while the males ones are lesser known characters or villains). It’s obvious that female bisexuality is less threatening- and more titillating- to the target audience than male bisexuality. It masquerades as progressive but it really isn’t all that subversive. Oh well. I guess it’s still better than nothing at all, but still. Make freaking Superman bisexual. It fits the character and it would have some real weight.


Yeah as others have said, I would so so pick Velma over Daphne.

And who hasn’t had the Velma/Daphne fantasy?

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On top of it, this group is probably more “brains over, well, whatever Daphne had going on” anyway…

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Probably Daphne and Velma.


LOL well, they are just cartoon characters without minds of their own!

Yes, this.

And not only not that subversive but just more of the same old bullshit.

I assure you there are people who relate to Velma more than any other character.

I am so mad at that movie…

They took arguably one of the hottest DC character, and one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, and managed to make a horrible, horrible movie that wasn’t even worth watching just for eye candy.

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A pretty safe revelation. Not even a revelation; met with a collective “Duh” from the fans.

Heck, they couldn’t even make a movie POSTER that made for decent eye candy. And all you’d need to do to accomplish that would be to draw a pair of cat ears on any stock publicity still of an early-2000s Halle Berry.


This man speaks the truth.

A proto-Daria, you might say

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…Pierce? We thought you were dead!

American fiction very often poorly delivers in these respects, but that does mean a niche is left open. Ultimately, they have to adapt to readership, and by not making the character more realistic… deeper and complex… they are losing out. Catwoman definitely is an excellent potential source material where this could be done.

Wouldn’t say she is the “popular” sort of hero, though, usually an outsider and anti-hero sort…

Probably they are trying to appeal to a younger male audience, but they are losing out if they make her a cardboard cutout.

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And why wouldn’t someone find Bea Arthur sexy? She was intelligent as hell, tall, commanding, powerful, and an extremely talented actress, not to mention an attractive (if not “classically” so) woman. Why do you even need to make this a freakin’ contest? Is it just because you don’t find Bea Arthur or the idea of Thelma sexy? Newsflash: Female characters and actresses don’t just exist for your personal sexual pleasure. And oh my gosh! People find women sexy that you don’t! There are men (and women, might I remind you) that find a variety of women attractive, even those you don’t consider hot because they aren’t “conventionally” attractive! How shocking!!! (Except not fucking really.)

Maybe it would do you some good to remember that.

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And a former US Marine, she was more than capable of kicking an ass or three. And a painting of her topless went for a shade under $2 million at auction a couple of years back.


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