#HonestWellnessInfluencer hashtag mocks conspiritualists and reveals the truth behind their grift

Originally published at: #HonestWellnessInfluencer hashtag mocks conspiritualists and reveals the truth behind their grift | Boing Boing

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New Age wellness snake oil is the self-identifying progressive’s path to fascism. Like the snake oil sold simultaneously by both Goopy Paltrow and Alex Jones, one just ends up with the same toxin sold in different packages.


For reference:


I get so frustrated with these wellness grifters, especially when it means shunning real medicine and vaccines.

Hey, buddy, we all have immune systems. Before man synthesized his first chemical, or we even knew what a “germ” was we had immune systems. We ate 100% natural foods with out genetic engineering (though a dose of selective breeding). We got plenty of sun shine and fresh air. We were active daily. We even had talismans, herbs, and healing rituals.

And you know what happened?

Most of us died before we were 40.

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Life expectancy figures in Medieval times weren’t very high but that is because high child mortality rates are often included in the calculations.
A better insight in life expectancy can be obtained by looking at people who survived childhood and how old they were when they died.
Looking at church registers and the skeletons found at archaeological digs we can see that it was not that uncommon for people to live into their 60s and even 70s.
Of course many people still died much younger, women for instance risked their lives every time they got pregnant.
This puts life expectancy for those who survived childhood quite close to what it is today and even a little higher than it was for much of our history after the Medieval era.
Although it is of course impossible to say anything about this subject for the whole of the Medieval era and world as situations differed immensely between certain regions and eras.
Nevertheless we can safely say that the idea of people never or rarely living past their 30s is a myth.


I should have said average life expectancy. Right, most people who died did so in childhood. If you dodged childhood diseases, war, famine, and things like cholera or dysentery, you could live to a similar age as people today. But the percentage of people getting to their 70s is more now than at any other time in history - and it isn’t because of woo or back to nature cures peddling.

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Wow, Twitter is near useless now. I can’t even search for that tag without being logged in - something I’m not willing to do.

BoingBingBong should take note of that when offering up these Twitter based stories.


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