The shit both Goop and Infowars hock


Quartz has gone through the ingredients in products sold on Goop and Infowars and compared how the same garbage is marketed to different ends of the political spectrum. The results are pretty amazing.

Goop and Infowars sell the same wellness stuff


Snake Oil - bringing people together until they die from what it was supposed to cure since something something BC.


Selling nothing for something


Willie Sutton, when asked why he robbed banks, was said to have responded “because that’s where the money is.” Snake oil salesmen go to Goop and Infowars because that’s where the suckers are. Like money, marks are fungible: they’re so gullible they could just as easily go for Paltrow’s New Age BS as they could for Jones’ paranoid right-wing pasture patties.


It’s totally fascinating seeing how the same product is sold to New Age/yoga/juce-fasting women vs. right-wing/conspiracy-believing/rage-bro aggro dudes.

On one hand, “Sun Potion”. On the other, “WAKE UP AMERICA Immune Support!”

Goop: “Vapour Organic Beauty” eye makeup. InfoWars: “OCCU-POWER!”

Goop: “Why Am I So Effing Tired?” pills. InfoWars: “BRAIN FORCE PLUS!”

I’m surprised that InfoWars didn’t call the herbs to relax kids “GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP!”


Reminds me of a great book, Michael Barkun’s A Culture of Conspiracy, which stresses that many conspiracy theories now associated with the right originated in the left and vice versa.


I have to say that ingzhi or reishi mushroom when eaten fresh is a quick cure for a stuffed up nose if you can stand the taste. Finding it fresh on the other hand is kind of a challenge. I’ve tried teas made with dried ingzhi but the effect is much diminished.


Gwyneth Paltrow was on the Kimmel show not to long ago talking about her company Goop. Kimmel kept asking her about some of the silly stuff Goop was selling and half the time she didn’t even know what her company was selling or she was laughing at her own silly products.

Sucker born every minute…


That’s the problem with an arbitrary axis or spectrum. The extreme ends are dining from the same buffet table of crazy.


Mr Beschizza is on a tear this morning…whatever he was served for breakfast, order more. The nod to the horseshoe theory did not go unnoticed.


If Gwyneth Paltrow is part of the extreme left then I’ve fallen of the edge long ago. Looking at her history of activism I’d say she’s European centre-left at most, which is just evidence that the centre can have bloody stupid ideas too.


sniff I think this is beautiful. Finally. Something that will bridge the yawning ideological chasm splitting this country in two–wait, theirs is a dark green color? WTF? Light green is the only supplement color that make sense. Those IDIOTS!!


Extreme Right-wing ideology has strong links to Romanticism and the early new Age/Reform movement.


Perhaps she’s a ‘cultural Marxist’ as opposed to, you know, an actual Marxist?


Theresa May is a ‘cultural marxist’ by the extreme right’s standards.


I still can’t find anybody that sells magic beans, and this cow I was gonna trade ain’t getting any younger.


Sure, Goop and Infowars may seem to some politically opposed, but actually they’re driven by the same thing: greed. Paltrow is just as much a money worshipper as Jones, and fails to fall under the category of “leftist” in my opinion. They’re both capitalists using chicanery to exploit different markets with the same bullshit.


Absolutely. Greed. Tons and tons and tons of shit like this is for sale, and there always has been.

Here’s one: CBD oil. That’ll raise more than a few hackles. CBD, or cannabidiol isolated from 99.99% of the THC in cannabis, is snake oil. People are using it “for cancer” and all kinds of crazy shit, thinking it’s a cure-all. I’m sure there will be someone on here who will attempt to refute my claim. Show me the studies and I’ll listen.

When I hear about any of this stuff… I think… placebo effect. It’s real. And it’s stronger than we give it credit for.


Yeah. I’m not sure how Paltrow, born and raised in Hollywood, trained from birth to be a star, Vogue magazine cover regular, can be called “left”. Eating kale does not make you “left”.