Hong Kong protestors using mesh-networking messaging app to evade authorities

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Power to the People!


is the bridgefy apk available directly from the software developer for sideloading or direct browser download via https?

because that seems a whole lot safer for the protestors, I am sure google works with china for play store monitoring and censoring


The Chilites song of the same name always seemed better. John Lennon travels on fame, and whike he was incredibly visible, he really just dabbled in activism. Other artists actually get involved in a cause, and I’ve read that Jerry Rubin went over to John’d apartment in NYC to try to involve him in politics, though I can’t remember wher I read that.

There’s always Jefferson Airplane’s “We Can Be Together” of Volunteers. And varioys folk artist like Phil Ochs and Eric Anderson did songs about protesters, the hardship of protesting. Even Joan Baez wrote a song about her husband David Harris in prison fifty years ago for refusing the draft, the onky song I can think of addressed to someone in prison for that.

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Wouldn’t this make a great jumping off point for ‘Parasite.net’…

this could be great for one of my nightmare scenarios, being trapped under debris after a quake with cell towers down and no way to call for help.

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(Could he be the one?)


I know John Lennon was a bit of an “activism tourist”, but I love that rendition of the song as an expression of solidarity with protesters.

Slightly more than 30 years ago, I have neither forgotten nor forgiven.


Someone’s been reading Little Brother.

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